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NameNutrition GroupRecipe
Ale A
Beef Buns
Berry Tea C
Bubble n’ Squeak
Celery Soup
Cooked Fish D Campfire +  Fish Meat
Cooked Meat B Campfire +  Animal Meat
Creme Brulee
Drake’s Dark Draught
Dragons Tongue
Fish ‘n Chips
Hardtack A
Hot Chocolate
Cooked Prime Meat B Prime Animal Meat
Monarchs Cake
Pork Pie
Reapers Regard
Rosemary Chicken
Salted Fish
Salted Meat
Shrunken Head Stew
Song Of The Sea
Spiced Rum
Spicy Roll
Stuffed Baked Fish
Tara Nostri Treat
Unthinkable Delicacy

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