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Treasure chests are valuable items that can be found by following maps and fighting the Monsters that guard them.

Finding Treasure

Hovering over a treasure map in your inventory will display the gold it is worth, and the region to find the treasure in. Simply go to that region, match up the map location to the matching location in that region, and dig with a Shovel.png Shovel.

E.g. Tier 1.3, Worth 25 x Gold Coin.png Gold Coin, B4.

Types of Treasure

Treasure offers:

  • – Armor Blueprints
  • – Tool Blueprints
  • – Weapon Blueprints
  • – Saddle Blueprints

Rarity varies based on the rarity of the map

Treasure`s are found with Treasure maps, you need to find a treasure map in a bottle on the beach or in a barrel on the ocean and then you can go treasure hunting.

Once you are close to the location on the map a beacon will appear on the ground representing where to dig. Once you approach the location, Soldiers of the Damned will rise out of the ground and attack you. Killing the Guardian of the Damned will allow you to dig for the treasure.

Ranged weapons are recommended to kill the Guardian due to its melee stun mechanic. Aim for the face to bypass breaking the armor.

There is a cool-down of [Unknown] [Hours | Minutes] between spawning Treasure Chests from a map. This may be per island, with or without the timer. [Please update if you know] It is currently unknown if this is per Player or per Company.

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