Executive Assault 2 – Station Modules

This guide will cover all the guildings in the game and what they produce. This guide […]

This guide will cover all the guildings in the game and what they produce. This guide will be updated as the game develops to the best of my ability.

Executive Assault 2 Station Modules

Opening Notes
Keep in mind that ExA 2 is still being developed so sections of this guide are liable to change. Any information regarding the games is appreciated if it is helpful.

Command Center

The command center is the head of the whole company while the CEO acts like the brain. It is the
the first building you start with and safest room the CEO can be in; It’s equipped with eight anti-ship turrets, four on top of the building, four on the sides, two entrances with blast doors, and four anti-personel turrets, two near each door. The command center comes with two lock-points to add more rooms to your station, you can attatch any room you want so long as it doesn’t get in the way of another room.


  • Always remember to upgrade your defences when you research better weapons.
  • Keep a few robots nearby the doors because sometimes the turrets won’t be enough.

Robot Factory

One of four unit production facilities in the game. It manufactures Z11s, your basic fighting force and later on if you manage to get the plans from a trader, Mechanoids. Most of the room is sectioned off so the productions doesn’t get disturbed but you can still see the units getting produced and come out the door, assembled and ready for combat. The room has two lock-points near the northeast and northwest parts of it and comes with two turrets and three boxes for cover.
  • You don’t have to have the gatway station and the robot factory right next to each other.
  • Produce your soldiers ahead of time.
  • It’s recommended you keep the factory and command center close to each other so as to stop threats all over the station.
  • The Z11 are equpped with any form of projectile and shield selected when orderd so be sure you have the choices you want selected as they can’t be upgraded later.
  • The robot (no weapons, or shields) cost 100 ironite by themselves.

Docking Bay

The docking bay is the second of four unit fabricators. It allows you tp produce mining ships, cargo vessels and fighters. It serves as a dropoff point for your mining ships as well as a place for traders to land and do buisness with you. It has three lock-points in the south, southwest, and southeast positions. it has no turrets but several boxes are scattered about.

The docking bay has three bays ships can dock in. Ships are produced in the center bay.

  • The doorways make great choke points as you can have a lots soldiers in the fighter bay firing at the same time while the enemy has to funnel through.
  • The Docking Bay takes up a lot of space; be careful where you place it.

Ship Yard

The thrid unit fabricator and produces the largest ships in the game. It has two lock-points; one southeast and the other west. Most of the building is a giant nano-wall that builds the ship as it goes along the ribbed-rail. The Ship Yard will let you build any kind of ship from corvettes to battle cruisers. There is also a small room attached but it’s not used for much right now.
  • It’s the biggest room in the game, be careful where you position it.
  • There is a control panel that let’s executrons build ships

Fighter Bay

The fourth unit fabricator in the game. The main difference between it and the docking bay is that it only produces fighters for defence, not attack. The room only has one lock-point; no internal defences. The fighter bay can lauch four at a time and stores the fighters when they’re not needed.


  • Use them to seal off the paths quickest to your CEO.
  • The fighters have a battery life; the battery runs out and it explodes. Recall to recharge.
  • You can build three of the same, allowing you to launch twelve at a time.

Executron Facility

This is a unique production facility because it lets players join your game if you have executrons enabled. It comes with four spawn points for execturons, six platforms for them to plug into, and two lock-points at the east and west parts of the station.


  • Executrons can help deal some of the more meniel tasks and can give a leg up in combat.
  • Executrons self-destruct when trying to kill their CEO.
  • Executrons can be upgraded if autobalance is on.

Ore Processor

This facility boosts the production of ironite from raw ironite. The facility has two lock points on the east and west sides and has no defences.
  • You can build three of them.
  • Use them to extend the path to your CEO.

Gateway Facility

This building replaces the troop transport and allows instant teleportation between the facility and gate probes. It’s essential if you plan to take over a station as the probe will connect to any open lock-point and allows soldiers to invade. The building has one lock-point and two turrets above the door.


  • When a probe is destroyed, the gateway facility will creafte a new one.
  • It actually has four; enemy soldiers can use your own gate.
  • Research will let you have three probes at one time.

Goods Factory

This prduces the product of your company. Once produced the goods can be sold to traders for money which can be used to buy mining rights, resources, and the blueprints for Mechanoids. Most of the room is sectioned off, reducing walking space to an L-shaped hallway with a small room.


  • There is an option to win with the amount of goods you have in the game setup.
  • Goods cost 100 ironite to produce.
  • You can auto-sell goods to traders if you want.
  • You actually have to be in the facility to produce goods.

Repair Facility

The building emets an aura that repairs allied ships that are in range. It is the smallest building with three lock-points at east, north, and south and no defences.
  • Place it where there’s very little room.
  • The repair aura is weak and small. Up to you if you want it.


The Assembly seems to be a placeholder for now. There are two lock-points at the east and west. No defences what so ever.
  • Only use it if you want to extend a path.

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