Kingdom Two Crowns – Tips and Tricks

Tips / Tricks

  • Squire / Knight Stacking

– The boat will hold up to 3 Squires/Knights. A useful tip to help your next land is to use the Knight hermit to grab the third Squire/Knight and send him on the ship to help in the next land!

– Your sides may hold infinite Squires/Knights. If you find yourself struggling late game, you can actually sail back to another island you completed. Grab knights and go right back. (Must have lighthouse done!) Infinite on the new land!

  • AFK Vagrant hiring

-After buying both vagrants from a camp. You may actually leave a coin (Don’t if it’s close to night!) If you do, when the next vagrant spawns, he will automatically grab it and be hired!

  • Keeping Vagrant Camps in your walls.

You can!

This can be a little difficult to do but it is possible. If you can’t afford to lose the camp, go past it and look for a clearing to clear trees. Now build your wall there and it will automatically extend there! And you get to keep the vagrant camp!

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