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Back 4 Blood Decks List

Explore the tested Back 4 Blood Decks List guide for Back 4 Blood, revealing essential deck lists you need to know for an optimized experience.

You can find the list of decks you need to know in Back 4 Blood in our tested guide.

This is the guide dafoose it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Back 4 Blood Decks List

Here you can find a catalog of all tested B4B decks.


This is a Belgian shotgun deck with focus on maneuverability, weakspot damage and reload.

Dafoose's B4B Decks

PLAN B (Grenades)

A grenade deck with a focus on damage, inventory, and a little life insurance.

Dafoose's B4B Decks


This deck focuses on utility, cover fire, and explosives.

Dafoose's B4B Decks

QUARANTINE (Crowd Control)

This deck focuses on acid resistance, grenades, and medical healing. Great for lots of hives.

Dafoose's B4B Decks

GUNMOTHER (Shotguns)

Focuses on dealing shotgun damage, high mobility, and a little healing.

Dafoose's B4B Decks


My Double LMG Deck. Focuses on max ammo, a reload combo, and safety.

Dafoose's B4B Decks

FLASHBACK (Survival)

My Trauma Healing deck. Focuses on healing, safety, and a little synergy with utility.

Dafoose's B4B Decks

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