The Arrogant Kaiju Princess and The Detective Servant Complete Guide 100%

Explore our comprehensive guide for invaluable tips, achievement strategies, and essential details to enhance your gaming experience

Check out our guide for tips and details that will help you achieve achievements in the game and many other things you need.

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Achievements, Tips & Complete Guide 100%

This guide aims to optimize your play-through experience. While I won’t delve into every achievement detail, as most are straightforward, I’ll provide an optimized plan to streamline your progress. It’s worth noting that many mechanics in this game are similar to Kaiju Princess.

Main Tips

  • Save Often!
  • Don’t ♥♥♥♥ every single day! (At least in the early game. This will be useful in mid to end game.)
  • Only reset when you spent all your action points.
  • Sexy time ends the day similar to resting. It requires one action point, however the stamina is based on your total action points.
  • Farm gold during any free time.
  • Regularly monitor your stats and progress. Stop training once you’re nearing the maximum cap to avoid wasting valuable AP.

Achievement Tips

This section will focus on a couple of the deeds achievements. The rest of the achievements are trivial to understand, however their mechanics are a bit weird to execute.

Hard Achievements

The most time consuming achievement is Infinite Spooge:

This achievement is a gradual process that becomes easier with time. While it naturally progresses as days pass, you can actively work towards it. Following my gold grind strategy outlined in the Spending AP section ensures you’ll consistently have one AP remaining. This is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your loyalty by spending that AP for doing the nasty. Repeating this process multiple times will help you complete the achievement.

The next difficult achievement is The Day the Tyrant Fell

This achievement is primarily an end-game goal. However, it’s possible to miss it if you overlook completing deeds that offer stamina effects. The most efficient approach is to aim for completion of approximately 90% to 100% of deeds that grant ‘Effect Stamina’ (Fig I.). Moreover, consider purchasing all store items that reduce stamina costs. Additionally, stack up on stamina booster and stamina booster MAX (Note: the maximum stack is 3) for an added advantage.

Fig I.

Pleasure Achievements

There are four regions of pleasure achievements: mouth, breast, clitoris, and vagina.
The achievement description is simple, however the mechanics are strange. Regardless of which pleasure you choose to level up the same multiple times, you can’t get all three level achievement in one sexy time session. For example if you manage to get breast past level three you will only have complete the first branch of the achievement. Meaning that you’ll have to copulate again later.

Spending Action Points

This segment forms the core of optimizing your game-play. I’ll divide this into sections covering the early, middle, and end game phases to maximize your progress and efficiency.

Altogether, you possess nine AP. The key here is to make the most of all nine. While engaging in repeated Romp romp in the stomp stomp might seem fun, it won’t propel you forward. (I mean it will but not in the optimized context).

Early Game

To start off I’ll take about the early days which is roughly days 1 – 30, during this time you want to focus on your pathetic stats. *Note that days 1 – 7 is the tutorial
I recommend allocating your AP to two training sessions initially, and the remaining on chores. Assuming you saved a lot, consider using save reload to achieve the perfect training result.

Once your stats are maximized or near-max, redirect your AP towards chores to boost your affection levels. Don’t worry over the first quota deadline; there’s ample time to achieve it.

With your stats and affection now at their peak, it’s time to focus into expeditions, city attacks, and production. Similar to training, you can utilize save reload for achieving the perfect result. This method often yields maximum troop capacity.

After fully conquering a city, revisiting it allows for exploration, doing it multiple times will unlock new outfits.

An essential point to remember is that when your AP is at maximum capacity, utilizing it all for attacking or exploration leaves you with just one remaining AP. This one AP can be used for sexy time. I would use it to fill Daigneux hole’s, this will slowly aid in getting the Infinite Sponge achievement.

Middle Game

Entering the middle game, typically from day 30 onward, a new technique emerges: spam kissing (SK). This approach serves as a substitute for training and chores, offering a remarkable boost in attack, defense, and affection stats with just one AP!

On the left this was the highest I could get from reach level 2 m pleasure. On the right this was the highest stat boost I got using SK.

*Note: Purchasing the Golden Finger item significantly streamlines and automates this process, making it exceptionally convenient.

End Game

I would say the end game starts around day 50+ or once you unlocked the constraint feature during happy happy time. Personally, at this point the game-play optimizes it self by proving your loyalty to Daigneux through seggs you can earn a ridiculously absurd amounts of stats gains. All you do from now own to gain stats is ♥♥♥♥ over and over. If you do want to get the stats done relativity fast just spend max AP on filling her out like an applications and prioritizes 8x orgasm or 4x orgasm if you don’t have enough stamina. After that just continue farming gold and spend that last AP on getting the Infinite Spooge achievement.

Gold Farming

At times, you might have completed the quota before the deadline or encountered instances without new quotas set. During these periods, it’s highly encouraged to invest time in exploring cities offering the highest gold rewards. If you’ve accumulated sufficient gold, consider purchasing the Treasure Detector item and prioritize acquiring key items first.

The Arrogant Kaiju Princess and The Detective Servant Spending Action Points

Sexy Time Tips

Honestly, there is not much to explain here you just whip out your ♥♥♥♥ and ♥♥♥♥. It almost like why I bought the game. But In seriousness here are some tips.

  • Competing the deeds / achievements can give a decent boost in attack, defense, or stamina.
    Ideally you should compete the attack and defense boost when your stats aren’t max.
  • With two AP you can level up mouth to level one.
  • An 8x orgasm is really just a 4x where all the the pleasure sections amounts is at max waiting to bust. Meaning that a 4x is just a 3x, having one pleasure not busting.
  • Early game spam kissing (SK) is a really good way to gain stats for only one AP. Getting the book of survivor is useful overall.
  • Try to complete deeds that give more stamina it helps SK tech and the constraint tech down the line.
  • Constraint is need for 8x and getting multiple 8x is extremely good for boosting stats.
  • Don’t worry about mood too much, its not as important as the last game.
The Arrogant Kaiju Princess and The Detective Servant Sexy Time Tips

General Tips

Here are some generic tips

  • Much like the first game, prioritize obtaining key items. Save up your resources for the treasure detector as a primary goal. It’s a straightforward strategy: acquire key items offering substantial buffs first, reserving the purchase of all the hentai event (except Golden Finger) items for the end game or post end game. (You horny bastards…)
  • Ideally attack when you have max troop capacity. And don’t forget you can change your troops type before you attack.
  • Produce troops once you reached maxed stats and try to aim for full capacity.
  • Finally don’t forget to show your allegiance
Written by Onee-San ♥

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  1. I still don’t know how to make my lovely Tyrant orgasm even once. (late game here,. defeated Orc village)
    Also, is apperance of key items like that trasure detector or golden fingers a random thing? I havent seen them at all.

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