Back 4 Blood Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our Back 4 Blood Tips and Tricks guide. This guide will show you important tips for what you need to know.

Back 4 Blood Tips and Tricks

Start on Recruit, No Really

You may want to jump straight into Veteran, the equivalent of Normal difficulty, especially if you’ve played Left 4 Dead before. At a glance it may look like a lesser experience. You won’t encounter some of the more difficult corruption cards and your supply points will be halved on the easier mode, but it’s honestly the best way to start. Take it from someone who jumped into Veteran and after 15 hours is just now finishing Act 2 of the first chapter. That’s not to say you can’t play Veteran. Though you will die and die often. Back 4 Blood is built around this card system and the harder difficulties assume you have access to them. It won’t go easy on you just because you don’t have powerful cards yet.


Pinging Weapons Shows Their Power to Everyone

Save yourself some time with this quick tip. Pinging a weapon on the ground gives everyone on your team an indication as to what weapon it is and the weapon’s numeric quality score. There’s no reason to run over and check it out yourself if you’re simply looking for an upgrade. Check your inventory for your own weapon’s quality and compare it from a distance.

Cards Are Drawn In Order – Back 4 Blood Tips and Tricks

It’s pretty common knowledge that the first card in your deck is activated at the start of every run. It took us a while to notice, however, that your deck is drawn in order. The cards are not randomized at all. When building your deck, stick the more important cards up front and the less crucial ones later on.

Save Mods by Replacing Them

Sadly, there is no way for you to remove a mod from your weapon. A lot of times this means leaving behind a lower quality weapon with higher quality mods. There’s only one way you can pass mods from one weapon to another: purchasing a mod to replace it. Say you have a legendary ammo mod and there’s a common one in the shop for 100 copper. Purchasing that will cause your legendary mod to drop to the ground and you (or one of your teammates) can then equip it on another weapon.

Don’t All Use the Same Weapon Type

As tempting as it may be to always use the most powerful weapons, or for everyone to use their favorite type, you should always try and have weapon diversity among your squad. There’s only so much ammo to go around and if everyone is using shotguns, you’re going to run out of shells before you know it. The other added benefit of is being able to use your teammates as an ammo bank. If you aren’t using shotguns, you’re free to hold shells in your inventory and then dispense them whenever someone is low on ammo.

Use Copper Scavenger – Back 4 Blood Tips and Tricks

At least one person on your team should always be running Copper Scavenger. Not only does it cause more copper to spawn, which is good for everyone, it also highlights nearby piles for you. With how hectic Back 4 Blood is, being able to see money through walls (and cars) is invaluable.

Save 400 Copper for Healing

On Recruit, your healing is free. Enjoy. But if you’re on any other difficulty, only the first heal is free. One person gets a heal at no cost and the rest of you have to pay up. Unless most of your damage is regular health damage, you’re going to want those extra funds to heal through the trauma you’ve accrued. That’s the pain in the butt damage which can’t be healed and usually ends up being your downfall. On Veteran or harder, you want to be able to pay for every healing station you come across. Health kits only remove a miniscule amount of trauma so make the most of these.

Sniper Rifles Are Great for Special Infected

We all know Jim is great at sniper rifles, but that doesn’t mean you need to play as him to use the weapon type. The 50 caliber rifle is absolutely bonkers, especially with the right mods. With it, you can easily one-shot those pesky special infected which are otherwise huge ammo sinks. The drawback is you don’t have a good gun for dealing with large numbers of foes. Either coordinate with your team or run the card which lets you carry two primary weapons.

Create a Solo Deck for Theorycrafting

While you chug away at amassing supply points and unlocking cards for your decks, duck your head into the solo decks section to see what Back 4 Blood has to offer. Any kind of long term progress is unavailable in solo. You won’t earn supply points, can’t unlock achievements, and no stats are tracked. What you do get, however, is every single card in the game to experiment with. Even if you don’t take the deck into the game, it’s super useful for planning what kind of deck you’re building towards.

Understanding Health Bar – Back 4 Blood Tips and Tricks

On each hit, your max HP will decrease, so you won’t be able to heal all your health by yourself. It’s called TRAUMA. There are a few ways to restore player’s health. The most effective is using medstations which are locked behind the doors a players can open with a Tool Kit. On Classic difficulty, some Trauma damage can be healed at the start of the next chapter.

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