Bad North – Heckin Balista Bois

So this balista bois heckin on your bois. Whatcha do?

Heckin Balista Bois

Step 1

Make sure your sheild bois up front in first target range of these heckers, preferbaly lvl 3 sheild because they are much larger and stronger.

Step 2

Move all your other bois behind/out of the way of these balista guys, dont try to out beat them with range, they have FULL range over the whole map no matter where they are.

Step 3

Get them dead ASAP. The longer they live the more shots they can let out. You want to have your sheild rushing these guys 24/7. There arrows will take how ever many people are lined up as possible. Dont hold out on them.

Tip 1: Never dear god retreat with one of these shooting at your boat. Ive lost unitre commanders to this with only 1 balista boi sniping at me. Like HECK.

Tip 2: If you can hide the rest of your guys up high, or behind something, place your sheilds behind a house ready to rush these guys when they land, thankfully the balista bois cant shoot through houses, and theres usually one up close to hide behind always.

These are in my opinion the hardest guys in the game.


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