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Ring of Elysium – Avalanche How to Crate ?

The Dione Avalanche Department will show you a little known game mechanic in Ring of Elysium […]

The Dione Avalanche Department will show you a little known game mechanic in Ring of Elysium how to cause an Avalanche (In turn showing anyone unlucky enough to be in it’s way a cold demise).

How to Cause an Avalanche

The What?

An avalanche. A snowslide.

A layer of snow breaking away, fracturing – piling on more and more snow, causing havoc to whatever is on it’s unfortunate way.

That Looks Amazing

I know. I’ve not seen any guides for this topic on Steam, and that’s honestly a big shame.
It is such a cool feature that I feel like more people should experience it.

Basically, Tencent added in this game mechanic and it’s not told in any loading-screen tips, on any guides, tutorials. Nothing.
Part of me wants to say that it’s that way because it’s honestly very rare that it’ll be useful, and it’s meant to be seen from a distance.

The buildings I’ve shown in this picture are just your average RoE buildings, but if you look closely – they’re stripped of any doors or windows – and contain no loot inside of them.

Also, easily identifiable by the fact they’re always overrun by snow.
On top of that, they’re not even shown on the map so no wonder people don’t find these.

How, What?

As I’ve said, not many guides exist. But the ones that do are wrong and just untested, showing no info.

For example, one of the rare things I keep seeing said is that you can only cause an avalanche by using a grenade. Don’t waste grenades, those are precious.
The truth is, an avalanche can be caused by gunshots and grenades.

  • You can shoot at the top of the slope to trigger the avalanche. My best tip for you is to just shoot up and down the slope with single fire turned on. It doesn’t take too many shots.
  • You can shoot from inside the general area of the slope to cause one too. Literally just stand by the top of the slope and fire off some shots.
    Preferably at the slope itself if you want to be 100% certain, but who am I to tell you what to do.

I’m just a guide. Listen to me, don’t, it’s your life.

It does not matter if your current weapon has a supressor (In-built such as the MPX, or an attached suppresor) or not – shooting inside of the area and/or at the slope itself will cause an avalanche. Again, try aiming for the top of the slopes, that’s where I’ve found most success.

You can also use grenades, but again. No need to. Those are way more rare than ~5 bullets from whatever you’re firing.

It’s really easy and you’ll know when you did it – in less than a few seconds you’ll hear a rumble and that’s your sign to glide/slide away asap (If you’re in it’s path for some reason). Followed quickly by snow.


Well, as I’ve said. There’s 2 spots where it works, and it’s at the outskirts of the map.
As in – you can’t even spawn on them. They’re all in those darkened out areas of the map.

The first location is Northeast of the Ski Resort, in a non-descript land. The buildings are not shown on the map neither do they have anything inside of them.

This is how it looks like from below. Pretty awesome.

Bonus points if you spot the glider duo that we didn’t spot at the moment, and proceeded to get destroyed by.

The second spot is quite literally on the opposite end of the map, almost mirrored.
It is a grid eastern from Skadi City, and as the first one – it’s not shown on the map. I’ve shown pictures of this one in the sections up above too.

The last area feels like it should be able to trigger an avalanche, given it has the same building types, a slope right above it, isn’t on the map either – but yet, it doesn’t budge.

It also has a pretty terrifyingly large angel statue which in itself – is creepy.
It gets creepier due to the fact it’s mimicking a “Shush” motion. Who knows, maybe I get into trouble by outing Tencent’s little secret.


Friend for scale. It’s ridiculously big. Also, the same angel I believe can be found in front of Herschel’s Academy, at the main entrance / courtyard. Just, downsized for our sakes.

Also, peculiarly enough it’s right outside of reach due to being placed outside of the zone.

The location of this spookvile on the map is just a short way South from Balmung City.

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