Balatro: Money Cheats

Money cheats and guide on how to win at Balatro.

If you are wondering why you cannot win in Balatro, you can get your first win in the game by following the steps in this guide!

How to Win in Balatro?

We’ll show you how to cheat to make your first win feel obtainable while still being fun. Cheating at poker is a class act. But maybe you’re not classy; maybe you’re a smooth brain like me and couldn’t win a run after several hours. Either way, I got just the guide for you.

This cheat isn’t going to guarantee you a win, but it will grant you a boat load of money. This sudden influx of cash opens up opportunities for you to try out different synergies and strategies without the fear of choking on ante 8 a dozen times or wasting money on a card that doesn’t work the way you thought it would. Once you win a run, I recommend taking off the training wheels and play the game normally. After I won using this cheat, I won the next two normal runs.

But enough about that. Together, you and I are going to join the middle class the only way we can: by cheating at cards.

How to Aquire Currency By Cheating

So there’s two ways to go about this:

  1. You can download and replace the balatro .exe with my modded one
  2. You can edit the .exe yourself

I can understand why you don’t want to run an .exe from a guy with an anime avatar on Steam. So I’ll teach you how to edit it yourself.

First make sure you have something like 7-zip or winrar installed (I’ll be using 7-zip). Then, in your Steam Library, find Balatro and right click on it > Manage > Browse local files.

This is what is should look like:

"i just want to win once"

Right click > 7-zip > Open archive

(If you’re on windows 11 then Right click > show more options > 7-zip > Open archive)

"i just want to win once"

You should now be looking at all the files in the .exe in 7-zip.

"i just want to win once"

Go ahead and open game.lua in notepad. Search for a section called “–backs” and then look for the b_yellow entry.

"i just want to win once"

This line here determines what benefits the yellow deck gives you. As you can see, this yellow deck will be giving you an extra 10 dollars. Let’s change that. Adjust it from
{dollars = 10}
{dollars = 999}

"i just want to win once"

Now go ahead and save and open the game. The yellow deck should now start you off with over $1000.

“Wait hold on. I opened it up and the yellow deck still is only giving me an additional 10 dollars. What gives?”

If that’s the case, then you probably didn’t actually save your changes to the game.lua file. Make sure you saved. To double check all you have to do is reopen the file and see if your changes are there. If you’re still having issues, drag that game.lua file to your desktop, make the changes to the yellow deck, and then drag game.lua back into the 7-zip window to overwrite it.

Welcome to the middle class! Start cheating and experimenting your way to victory!

The .exe

I think I can share the .exe if you don’t want to edit it yourself? I’ll upload it here eventually maybe.

What now?

Start a new run with the yellow deck and buy anything you want. Experiment, reroll, etc. The game should be easier, but still fun.

Once you finally beat ante 8, I recommend taking off the training wheels and setting everything back to normal. To do this, just uninstall and reinstall the game. Or go re-edit the .exe if you’re a lunatic.

Written by Jray

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