One armed Robber: How to Stealth Ludenburg Liqours

Step by step how to rob Ludenburg Liqours.

In this adventure where you will perform various robberies, your next heist is Ludenburg Liqours! In this guide, we explained step by step how to rob Ludenburg Liqours. (Poor quality images will be updated.)

How to Rob Ludenburg Liqours

This guide will show you how i one-tap with girls… Oh wait, wrong guide. How to stealth:

  • You have to get in loadout pistol with silencer and lockpick
  • Start robbery
  • Get your loadout, bag, lockpick
  • Go to backdoor, open it with lock pick, close the door when you inside

Stealth Ludenburg Liqours

  • Open the metal door with lock pick, disable alarm

Stealth Ludenburg Liqours

  • Go upstairs, kill the security, disable the phone

Stealth Ludenburg LiqoursStealth Ludenburg Liqours

  • Go through the window to living room, get the keycard on the table.

Stealth Ludenburg Liqours

  • Go downstairs and switch tag alarm, when guard don’t see you

Stealth Ludenburg Liqours

  • Go to second backdoor, hide and start open it

Stealth Ludenburg Liqours

  • When it’s open, kill the guards inside, disable the phones and kill or bind citizens, and close all doors
  • Open the vault with keycard, go inside to the switches
    Blue +1
    Yellow idk may be zero or -1
    Green +5
    Red -3
  • Start to switch it, the number on the display is the room with wine, open the door of the room and steal everything inside
  • When you stealed all inside vault go to the shop and steal wine inside, if you don’t wanna to pick up more than 60 bottles of wine – skip it, but it will cost more than 40k!
  • Then go to the truck and escape with more than 130k
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