Bargainer Statue Locations in TotK

Unlock poetic wonders in TotK by discovering the 7 Bargainer Statues. Our guide provides locations and instructions for utilizing these captivating statues.

There are many poems that you can discover on TotK. In order to discover and change these poems, there are 7 Bargainer Statues. So where are these statues? How do they work? Here in this Bargainer Statue Locations in TotK guide we will show you where they are located and how to use them.

Bargainer Statue Locations in TotK

Explore the mysterious Depths of the Kingdom’s Tears and uncover the secrets of the ancient Bargainer Statues. These enigmatic sculptures collect wayward souls called Poets, lost in the underworld. By collecting poems and exchanging them with Bargainer Statues, you can unlock special rewards, unique weapons, armor sets, and more. This guide provides detailed information about Bargainer Statue locations and the lucrative rewards they offer.

Unlocking the Bargainer Statues

For most players, the journey begins with the first Bargainer Statue in Lookout Landing, part of Josha’s excavation. To activate these statues, locate glowing blue Poes scattered throughout the Depths. Blue Poe is worth 1, Green Large Poe is worth 5, and Red Grand Poe is worth 20. Use these Poes to unlock Bargainer Statues and access exclusive rewards.

Bargainer Statue Locations

Discover seven Bargainer Statues scattered beneath Sacred Springs, Temples of Time, and other significant locations:

1. Lookout Landing Bargainer Statue

  • Location: Northern Hyrule Field, Lookout Landing
  • Details: This Bargainer Statue is the first encountered, situated above ground due to Josha’s excavation efforts. Visit Josha’s workshop below the large telescope, by the door leading to Hyrule Castle Town. Note that this statue cannot replace unique armor and weapons found in the Depths.

2. Plains Bargainer Statue

  • Location: Eastern Hyrule Field, Under Great Sky Island’s Temple of Time
  • Access: Reachable through Hyrule Field Chasm. Illuminate the area using Nisoij Lightroot, head south to Netinet Lightroot, and spot Stakijat Lightroot to the east. The statue is found just south of the Bottomless Pond on the surface.

3. Great Abandoned Central Mine Bargainer Statue

  • Location: Great Plateau, Under Temple of Time Ruins
  • Access: Use any of the four Great Plateau Chasms (North and East recommended). Activate Nogukoyk Lightroot near North Chasm entrance. The statue is hidden under the large forge area, near the back of the mine. Interact only after completing the side adventure – A Call from the Depths.

4. Wellspring of Wisdom Bargainer Statue

Wellspring of Wisdom Bargainer Statue in TotK
  • Location: Lanayru Region, Below Mount Lanayru and Spring of Wisdom
  • Access: Use Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower to eject upwards. Spot Naydra Snowfield Chasm to the west, enter through it, and illuminate the area with Usukaz Lightroot. Paraglide into Lanayru Canyon Mine and find the statue near the top of the waterfall on the west side.

5. Wellspring of Power Bargainer Statue

  • Location: Akkala Region, Below Spring of Power in North Akkala Valley
  • Access: Launch from Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower towards East Akkala Plains Chasm. Activate Akinatanis Lightroot and head north towards a peak with a large pool of water. The statue is embedded into the west side of the mountain overlooking the water below.

6. Wellspring of Courage Bargainer Statue

  • Location: Faron Region, Below Spring of Courage at Dracozu Lake and River
  • Access: Use Popla Foothills Skyview Tower to reach Hills of Baumer Chasm. Activate Busus Lightroot and travel towards Muokij Lightroot near Construct Factory. Find the statue overlooking the Wellspring of Courage’s falls.

7. Cliff Bargainer Statue

Location: Tabantha Region, Below Mother Goddess Statue in Forgotten Temple
Access: Dive into the Rowan Plain Well north of Kiuyoyou Shrine. Pull out your paraglider, head north, and spot Yisuayam Lightroot. The statue is perched on a high cliff peak, requiring careful navigation through a mining camp.

Bargainer Statue Unlockable Rewards

Unlock a range of rewards by trading collected Poes with Bargainer Statues. Notable items include the Depths Armor Set, Dark Armor Set, and the ability to repurchase unique gear found in chests or tied to Amiibo unlocks.

Bargainer Statues FoundNew Rewards (Cost)
First Bargainer Statue UnlockedDark Clump (10 Poes)
Muddle Bud (16 Poes)
Puffshroom (16 Poes)
Bomb Flower (16 Poes)
Magic Rod (100 Poes)
Magic Scepter (100 Poes)
Dark Tunic (150 Poes)
Second Bargainer Statue UnlockedTunic of the Depths (150 Poes)
Third Bargainer Statue UnlockedDark Trousers (200 Poes)
Fourth Bargainer Statue UnlockedGaiters of the Depths (200 Poes)
Fifth Bargainer Statue UnlockedDark Hood (300 Poes)
Sixth Bargainer Statue UnlockedHood of the Depths (300 Poes)
Seventh Bargainer Statue UnlockedTunic of Memories (400 Poes
Bargainer Statue Unlockable Rewards

Embark on this detailed journey, locate the Bargainer Statues, and unravel the Depths of the Kingdom’s Tears for exclusive rewards and hidden treasures.

Unique Armor (Cost – 400 Poes Each)
Cap of the HeroTunic of the HeroTrousers of the Hero
Cap of TimeTunic of TimeTrousers of Time
Cap of TwilightTunic of TwilightTrousers of Twilight
Cap of the WindTunic of the WindTrousers of the Wind
Cap of the SkyTunic of the SkyTrousers of the Sky
Cap of the WildTunic of the WildTrousers of the Wild
Mask of AwakeningTunic of AwakeningTrousers of Awakening
Fierce Deity MaskFierce Deity ArmorFierce Deity Boots
Phantom HelmetPhantom ArmorPhantom Greaves
Tingle’s HoodTingle’s ShirtTingle’s Tights
Sheik’s MaskMajora’s MaskMidna’s Helmet
Zant’s HelmetRavio’s HoodKorok Mask
Unique WeaponsCost
Sword of the Hero100 Poes
Biggoron’s Sword150 Poes
Fierce Deity Sword160 Poes
Dusk Claymore160 Poes
Sea-Breeze Boomerang100 Poes
Sea-Breeze Shield120 Poes
Bargainer Statue Unlockable Rewards

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