3 Musty Fears Flags Locations in Super Mario RPG

Embark on a playful adventure with the 3 Musty Fears in Super Mario RPG. Our guide reveals their locations and the rewards you'll earn in this delightful game.

In Super Mario RPG, the 3 Musty Fears are three immortal characters who want to play a little game with you, and you need to find the flag with them. Here in this 3 Musty Fears Flags Locations in Super Mario RPG guide we have told you where to find the three immortal characters and the flag, and what you will gain as a result!

3 Musty Fears Flags Locations in Super Mario RPG

Embark on an intriguing quest in Super Mario RPG where hidden flags hold the key to valuable rewards. While the majority of the game follows a linear path, a late-game adventure awaits those seeking to explore beyond the ordinary. Monstro Town becomes the epicenter for a quest involving the enigmatic Three Musty Fears, leading Mario on a quest for three elusive flags. Follow this 3 Musty Fears Flags Locations in Super Mario RPG guide to uncover the locations, decode the hints, and reap the rewards that await diligent players.

Super Mario RPG’s typical linear journey takes an unexpected turn towards the end, revealing areas ripe for exploration. Monstro Town becomes a focal point for an intriguing quest, setting the stage for those aiming to challenge Culex post-main quest. Before delving into this advanced stage, begin with a simple yet rewarding scavenger hunt after a well-deserved rest.

Initiating the Three Musty Fears Quest

  1. Locating the Bed: Monstro Town
    • Head to the door in Monstro Town, located just below a set of stairs (as pictured above).
    • Enter the room and interact with the mushroom in the corner, allowing Mario to rest.
    • As Mario sleeps, the Three Musty Fears appear, assigning him a quest to find three flags hidden across the world.
  2. Deciphering Clues:
    • Greaper’s Hint: “Behind a wooden flower.”
    • Dry Bones’ Clue: “Under a green bed.”
    • Boo’s Hint: “Between the letter O and A.”
  3. Embarking on the Hunt:
    • After receiving clues, Mario awakens, ready to embark on the quest to locate the hidden flags.

Finding the Flags

Dry Bones Flag

  • Location: Mario’s Pad
  • Inside Mario’s house, locate the green bed and press A at the foot to claim the “Dry Bones Flag.”

Boo Flag

  • Location: Yo’ster Isle
  • Head to the island and approach the “Goal” sign at the end of the race track.
  • Press A when standing between O and A to obtain the “Boo Flag.”

Greaper Flag

  • Location: Rose Town
  • Look behind the wooden flower sign directly ahead upon entering Rose Town to acquire the “Greaper Flag.”

Completing the Quest:

  • Collect all three flags, then return to the bed in Monstro Town.
  • Sleep once more, and the Three Musty Fears express gratitude, rewarding you with the Ghost Medal.

Rewards for Completing the Three Musty Fears: The Ghost Medal

Upon quest completion, the Three Musty Fears extend their thanks and bestow the Ghost Medal. This invaluable item automatically equips, doubling Mario’s defense during battles. Equip the Ghost Medal and bolster your defense as you continue your Super Mario RPG journey, armed with newfound knowledge and rewards.

Embark on this quest, decode the hints, and enhance your gameplay by mastering the Three Musty Fears quest in Super Mario RPG!

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