PUBG: Taego Secret Room Locations 2023

Navigate PUBG's Taego map with our comprehensive guide, revealing secret locations in 2023. Discover hidden rooms and unlock their mysteries.

Exploring in PUBG is part of the game and there are many places to explore. PUBG’s Taego map is a map full of secrets waiting to be discovered. So where is Taego’s secret room? How will you find it and open it? That’s it, you will find the answer to all these questions in the detailed PUBG Taego Secret Room Locations 2023 guide below!

PUBG Taego Secret Room Locations 2023

Unlock the secrets of PUBG’s Taego map with our comprehensive PUBG Taego Secret Room Locations 2023 guide on finding hidden rooms scattered across the terrain. These secret rooms house valuable loot, offering players a strategic advantage in the quest for that coveted “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.” Here’s a detailed breakdown of Taego’s secret room locations and the exclusive loot you can discover within them.

Taego Secret Room Locations

Taego’s secret rooms are discreetly placed throughout the map, camouflaged as ordinary buildings. However, you can identify them by the presence of locked doors.

Keep an eye out for these locations:

  1. Small Compound North of Wol Song
  2. Ruined Buildings South of the Army Base
  3. Small Town Southeast of the Army Base
  4. Little Island South of Hae Moo Sa
  5. Farm South of Ha Po
  6. Scattered Buildings Southeast of Ho Sa Prison
  7. Small Shack Northwest of Buk San Sa
  8. Small Village Northwest of the Studio Complex
  9. Ruined Buildings Southeast of the Studio Complex
  10. Building located Northeast of Oh Hyang
  11. Near a Barn South of the Airport
  12. Abandoned Building Southeast of the Shipyard

Accessing Taego Secret Rooms: The Key to Success

Taego Secret Rooms Key in PUBG

Getting inside these secret rooms largely depends on luck, as you must first find a key. Keys are randomized and can be found anywhere on the map during regular scavenging. To increase your chances of unlocking these hidden treasures, explore different areas and loot as many buildings as possible. The key to success lies in perseverance and a keen eye for loot.

Taego Secret Rooms Loot

Inside Taego’s secret rooms, you’ll discover a trove of high-tier loot, care package items, self-AEDs, scopes, healing items, and throwables. This gear provides a significant advantage in the intense battle for survival. Here’s what you may find:

  1. Self AED: Revive yourself without relying on teammates.
  2. Mid to High Tier Armor
  3. Mid to High Tier Weapons and Attachments
  4. Consumables: Replenish your health and boost your performance.
  5. Throwables: Gain the upper hand with grenades and other throwable items.

While there’s a chance of finding Care Package items, the guaranteed presence of Self-AED packages makes these secret rooms a must-visit for players aiming to secure victory in PUBG: Taego. Gear up, explore, and increase your chances of becoming the last player standing in the heart-pounding battleground. Good luck, and may you enjoy the spoils of the Taego secret rooms!

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