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Where to Find Blueprints in The Last Faith (3/3 Locations)

Unlock weapon upgrades in The Last Faith with 3 Blueprints. Our guide reveals locations for Prototype, Rare Prototype, and Barsov’s.

In The Last Faith Blueprints are so important for upgrading your weapons. There are a total of 3 Blueprints in the game: Prototype Blueprint, Rare Prototype Blueprint, and Barsov’s Prototype Blueprint. In our guide for The Last Faith, we explain how to find these 3 Blueprints by showing their locations on the map. Let’s gather these now!

3/3 Blueprint Locations in The Last Faith

Upgrading your weapons to their maximum potential in The Last Faith requires uncovering elusive Blueprints scattered throughout the game world. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t provide explicit information on their locations. Fear not, as I’m here to guide you through all three Blueprint locations, complete with map images for easy navigation.

Where to Find Blueprints?

In The Last Faith, there are three Blueprints that can significantly enhance your build. To utilize them, you must deliver these Blueprints to Mariano, who will offer you the option to upgrade your weapons. Now, let’s delve into the specifci locations of these Blueprints.

Prototype Blueprint

Location: The Esk Mansion

  1. Navigate to the specified area in The Esk Mansion, as shown in the image below.
  2. The Prototype Blueprint awaits you in a coffin in the middle of the room.
  3. Traverse the mansion using teleport mirrors to reach your destination.

Rare Prototype Blueprint

Location: Liturgical Pass

  1. Head to the designated door in the Liturgical Pass.
  2. Inside, find a ladder leading down after a gauntlet.
  3. Defeat the foes and destroy the statues to make the big mob disappear.
  4. Discover the Rare Prototype Blueprint in a coffin on the left side of the room.

Barsov’s Prototype Blueprint

Location: The Junas Ministry

  1. Reach the specified spot in The Junas Ministry, as shown in the image below.
  2. Climb up and execute some precise parkour.
  3. Hang to the side of the platform, jump down, airdash, and double-jump to reach the chandelier with Barsov’s Prototype Blueprint.

Note: Ensure you have Double Jump and Air Dash for this blueprint.

Blueprint Upgrade Benefits

Now that you have all three Blueprints, don’t forget their impact on upgrades when handed to Mariano:

  1. No Blueprints: Up to +2
  2. 1st Blueprint: Up to +5
  3. 2nd Blueprint: Up to +8
  4. 3rd Blueprint: Up to +10

Follow these steps, and you’ll be wielding the mightiest weapons in The Last Faith.

How to Upgrade Weapons in The Last Faith

In The Last Faith upgrading your weapons can make all the difference in surviving the daunting challenges that lie ahead.

Find the Mariano

Mariano, the key tradesmith for weapon upgrades, can be found in the Federal Inquisition building. Progress rightwards from Oxneyville until you reach the Inquisition Foyer. There, in one of the rooms, you’ll find Mariano. After a brief conversation, you can teleport back to Oxneyville’s Manor and access his room in the leftmost wing for weapon upgrades and new gear.

Choose the Weapon

Before diving into upgrades, it’s crucial to be strategic about your choices. Rather than haphazardly spending resources, build a diverse arsenal of different weapons. Experiment with each to identify those that align with your playstyle and character stats (considering factors like Strength vs. Dexterity).

Upgrade Materials

To upgrade weapons, you’ll need two primary resources: Moonsilver Stones and Nycrux. Accumulate a stack of these stones, noting that each upgrade consumes one Moonsilver Stone. Be prepared for an increasing Nycrux cost with each subsequent improvement.

Special Upgrades

Some weapons require Demishade Ore instead of Moonsilver Stones for upgrades. These specialized upgrades can provide unique advantages but come at the cost of rarer and more challenging-to-obtain resources. Ensure you’re well-prepared before investing in these enhancements.

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