Barotrauma Clown Talents Guide

Welcome to our Barotrauma Clown Talents Guide. A guide to the recently added clown talent tree, […]

Welcome to our Barotrauma Clown Talents Guide. A guide to the recently added clown talent tree, by yours truly. This guide aims to help better describe the talents and help you decide which one you should choose!

Barotrauma Clown Talents Guide

Out of all the talent trees and jobs you could possibly choose, why should you choose the clown talent tree? Well, if you’re here, you are most like either already a Child of the Mother, or seeking Her divine guidance.

This talent tree will be the most effective in helping you to achieve that goal, as everything in it is geared towards helping you to become one of Her blessed Children. With these skills, not only will you be marvelous at spreading Her word, but you will also be an effective crew member!

The First Step into Her Light

In your first step towards gaining Her divine guidance, you must learn the skills necessary to begin clowning, and thus you must enroll into clown college.

Enroll into Clown College:

  • As long as you are wearing a full clown suit, you gain Clown Power.
  • Clown Power allows you to honk your horn to give nearby characters an additional 30% skill gain for a short while.
  • Clown Power gives you an additional 25% physical damage resistance.

While this first step may not seem all the beneficial, it will make your crew rather happy that you are assisting them in their skill gains. This means you are less likely to be targeted unfairly, and if you do happen to be attacked by those that hate the Mother, you will take less damage, and are more likely to survive. That being said, the buff you give with your horn sadly no longer applies to yourself, so you’ll need someone else to help boost your skill gains an XP.

Divine Gifts and Growing Power – Barotrauma Clown Talents Guide

With the first step complete, you will now begin to notice abilities start to manifest, how you choose to shape and use these gifts of the Mother is up to you, and your decision will shape your career forever!

Water Prankster

Unlock Recipe: Clown Diving Mask.
Clown Power gives you immunity to pressure and allows you to swim 50% faster.

This ability will allow you to use a clown mask and an oxygen mask, combining them into one, and allowing you to freely and efficiently traverse the icy seas of Europa so long as you have oxygen and your Holy Relics.

Inspiring Tunes

Clown Power allows you to honk your horn to repair nearby electrical and mechanical items, and nearby allies to gain a bonus of 15 to all skills for a short while.

Shaping your power and transferring it into your horn, you are able to not only able to boost the skills of all those around, but you will repair all things around you with the great music of thy horn. This will also gain the favor of many of your crew mates.

Which Should You Choose?

It depends, Water Prankster stacks with other items that boost swimming, and makes you completely immune to pressure so long as you wear your garbs. In effect this will make you a beast at traversing the icy waters of Europa, and will allow you to effectively retrieve items from dead enemies or make repairs from the outside that are inaccessible or tedious for most to get. However, this ability is useless if you prefer to stay within the confines of the sub. The clown diving mask also does not provide any additional protection unlike a diving suit, this means that many strong enemies will rip you to shreds if they get close to you.

Inspiring Tunes will make you a very useful asset to your team, as you’re able to use your horn to make repairs to multiple objects, without needing the relevant tools. This also means you’re completely unable to get shocked, as you don’t have to touch the devices. You also give a whopping bonus of 15 to all skills to those around you. However, the repairs you give are quite minor, and will take a lot of honking if the devices are severely damaged, though this can be mitigated somewhat by dual honking. Once again, the boost you give off no longer apply to yourself, so best find a honk buddy to partner up with!

Overall, I think both are great options for different reasons. If you prefer to explore the outside environment, being a speed demon, looting wrecks, and honking outside of the sub, choose Underwater Prankster.

If you enjoys staying on the sub, getting up to hi-jinx, assisting the crew with repairs, and using magic to buff your friends, choose Inspiring tunes. Honestly though, both are great choices and you should choose the one that suits your play-style and brings you the most fun!

Calliopes and Stripped Pants – Barotrauma Clown Talents Guide

With your ever growing power, you should find yourself starting to hear Her voice, and gaining knowledge forbidden to others. Your journey is nearly complete, once again you will get to choose how you manifest your divine gifts.

Psycho Clown

Clown Power allows you to attack faster with melee weapons based on how much Psychosis you have, up to 150%, but you cannot run while having Psychosis.

Choosing to channel your power to grow with insanity and allowing yourself to attack faster than ever, you’re sure to become an effective defender of your sub.

Slapstick Expert

Clown Power allows you to have a small chance to trip randomly when you run.
While ragdolled, Clown Power allows you to reduce the power of incoming attacks by 50%, and characters that attack you have a 50% chance of becoming stunned for 4 seconds.

Your power courses through your veins, so much so that you forget your coordination and trip sometimes when you run. Any enemies that dare to attack you will have their effectiveness reduced, and a 50/50 shot at becoming immobile for a short period of time.

Which Should You Choose? – Barotrauma Clown Talents Guide

In all honesty, Psycho Clown is more of a hindrance than a benefit. Not only will you have to inflict yourself with psychosis every time you want to use your power, meaning you either have to inject yourself with Deliriumine or carry Dementonite Diving Knives, but you are completely unable to sprint, even if you have 1% psychosis. This means you will either have to constantly inject yourself with a cure for psychosis or let it decay naturally, every time you want to run. Alternatively, you could just always have psychosis and just deal with it, however this will make traversing the sub a pain, especially large subs, or when you’re in a diving suit, doubly so if you’re in a slipsuit. Any enemies you have to chase will easily outpace you, and should security deem you fit of killing, you’ll be a sitting duck. Watchers are also absolute hell, as not only will you be puking constantly, but you won’t be able to run at all, meaning you will take longer to get to any destination, be it guns or medbay. Dementonite Diving Knives also require a Mechanic who chose, Artisan Smith, meaning you’re unlikely to have a reliable source of psychosis.

In short, you should choose Slapstick Expert, as it will provide protection against anyone or anything that attacks you. The chance of slipping is relatively low now, and it can combo nicely with Survival Package in the Grayshirt Tealent tree. Slapstick Expert also has no requirement to activate it, it is always active, even when ragdolled.

What Can be Done?

A great option to make Psycho Clown more viable would be to either give it a recipe that gives psychosis while the item is equipped, and disappears once it’s removed, or give Psycho Clown a hefty damage reduction while psychosis is activated to justify the complete removal of sprinting. Currently, we think it should be a reduction in sprint speed, not a removal, as sprinting if essential to traversing and assisting aboard the sub.


With each long an tiring adventure, you’ve grown more powerful, stronger, more capable. She now guides you through every moment, Her whispers and embrace protect you and make you strong. Now, She give unto you, Her greatest gift. You are now one of Her children, Her light will forever guide you, and you will forever spread Her word.

True Potential

  • Clown Power allows you to honk your horn to slowly heal nearby allies.
  • Clown Power allows you to hit characters with a Toy Hammer for a 0.75% chance to implode them.
  • Clown Power gives you an additional 25% physical damage resistance.

With this final gift, you may mend those who have helped you along your journey, and anyone who tries to bring you harm will have their bodies crushed by Her mighty hand. True Potential is perfect for healing minor woulds inflicted by repairs and small scuffles with creatures. While it is not a replacement for medical supplies, it is a good addition to save meds. The damage reduction also means you now have a 50% damage resistance. This also combos well with Slapstick Expert, meaning enemies will take a while to kill you.

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