Moonlighter Tips and Tricks

Welcome to our Moonlighter Tips and Tricks guide. These are things we wish we knew before playing Moonlighter.

Moonlighter Tips and Tricks

Time saving tips include:

EXPLORING TIPS, Green Monster, Sparkles / Secret room, Green Pillar, SHOP TIPS, Item Popularity, Selling Tips, Hero and Warriors, Le Retailer, Merchant Mirror, Showcase, GEAR TIPS, Forge and Wish list, Witch, Potions and Enchantments, SHOP UPGRADES, Hawker, Chest Upgrade, FAMILIARS, Mimic, NEW GAME+ MODE…

Tips and Simple Guides
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  • 0:19 Green Monster
  • 0:50 Sparkles / Secret room
  • 1:08 Green Pillar
  • 1:23 SHOP TIPS
  • 1:40 Item Popularity
  • 2:02 Selling Tips
  • 2:13 Hero and Warriors
  • 2:21 Le Retailer
  • 2:33 Merchant Mirror
  • 3:20 Showcase
  • 3:30 GEAR TIPS
  • 3:32 Forge and Wishlist
  • 3:41 Witch, Potions, and Enchantments
  • 4:18 Hawker
  • 4:28 Chest Upgrade
  • 4:43 FAMILIARS
  • 4:55 Mimic
  • 5:24 NEW GAME+ MODE

Bonus Video for fun!

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About Moonlighter

Moonlighter is a game created by Digital Sun Games. It was launched on May 29, 2018.

Moonlighter is a rogue-lite video game about a store owner that dreams of ending up being a hero.

To earn a living, he needs to venture into the dungeons near his town, defeat odd enemies and loot items he can sell at his store. Managing the gold from those sales carefully is the only way he’ll get strong enough to open the last dungeon.

Moonlighter has actually procedurally created dungeons, incredibly difficult managers, lots of cool items, a mountain of gold, many silly opponents, and just one shop.

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