Battle Chasers: Nightwar – 100% Achievement Guide

You can see 48 achievements in game – 14 of them are hidden, but mostly they […]

You can see 48 achievements in game – 14 of them are hidden, but mostly they are connected with storyboard process, so you won`t miss them while complete the game.

Lots of achievements require find loot and in-game extras, so i recommend you to visit all map locations and collect every book/scroll/open chests and boxes, dont miss that stuff.

It takes time, actually.

Battle Chasers All Achievements

1. Brave by default

Complete a dungeon on Legendary difficulty

Right before the start of a dungeon, you`ll have to choose difficulty level. Legendary difficulty will be opened to after beating dungeon on any difficulty.

2. Must be Bored

Complete all dungeons on Legendary difficulty

You don’t need to explore them fully, so you can just run throught.
There are eight dungeons in the game, their list you can find down below in hidden achievements

3. Looking glass

Start New Game Plus

New game+ mode unlock as soon as you complete the game at once.

4. A Fantasy, Finalized

Complete the game on New Game Plus

Rather hard ro get. The thing is, that New Game+ in Battle Chasers: Nightwar doesn`t work as usual. Starting this mode, you will lose all your progress, but difficulty raises much more. Longer fights, deadlier enemies. Prepare your self fo something really hard

5. Apprentice Crafter

Craft an item

6. Master Crafter

Craft 50 items

Crafting workbenches can be found all over the town and dungeons, so craft any item – weapon, armor or even potion to get this achievement. Rarity doesn`t matter here.

7. Rare Crafter

Craft 10 Rare Items

Add more ingridents to increase success chance up to 200% to craft rare item

8. Epic Crafter

Craft 10 Epic Items

Add more ingridents to increase success chance up to 300% to craft rare item

9.The New Standard

Craft a legendary item

10. Risk Taker

Craft an item with less than 10% success chance

Battle Chasers craft system is specific – you have reciples to craft item, but you dont have to get all ingridients from it, you can tyr to craft item with ingridients you have, even if its not enough, but you will have less success chance. So if you have all ingridients – you chance to craft it successfuly – 100%, 200% – rare item, 300% – epic.

11. Mystery Solved

Recover an item from the Mystery Box

Your first Mystery box can be found in Iron Outpost. But as i can see – it appears randomly. First of all, it will ask you for item sacrifice, but then it will teleport to other dungeon location – find it and get the reward.

12. Dirty Hands

Kill 500 enemies

Easy one, show no mercy. Counts every enemy unit

13. Behold, My True Form

Reach level 30

After beating the game you will get 27-28 lvl, so the rest of it you can get by replaying dungeons

14. You’re learning…

Unlock a Beast Perk

Beast Perks are passive bonuses awarded by killing a certain number of specific enemy types or enemies in a specific dungeon. You can find a list of these in the pause menu by going to your Bestiary

15. Little Game Hunter

Complete 50% of the Bestiary

16. Big Game Hunter

Complete 100% of the Bestiary

Thanks to “The Pants Party” for information about this achievement
This achievement is missable. As far as I can tell, the only monster you can miss is the Shade of Bevelros. You find this monster as a random spawn in the Iron Outpost. You have the option to fight it or free it. If you free it right away, it moves to a different dungeon transforms into a stronger version, so the Shade entry will be missed. Instead, make sure to fight it first and then reset the dungeon to find it again and free it so it can transform for the other entry.

17. Angler

Catch 50 Fish

Finshing is little mini-game you can see in some dungeons. Playing this game will give you some ingridients for crafting loot and some other useful stuff

18. Beginner’s Luck

Catch an Epic Fish

All fishes have rarity so you need just to get epic fish. If you have purchased the Epic class of rod and reel from the Collector by this point, it will be quite easy. If you’re still using your starting fishing equipment, not so much.

19. Fish Watching

Complete the Fishiary

As you go through the story, you will find fishing spots in the dungeons and exploration areas. You can only fish once all the monsters in the room are defeated. Generally, each new dungeon you come to will generally have a few new fish to catch. By the way the Collector can sell you new upgraded fishing equipment that will raise your chance to get something really rare.

20. Well Read

Unlock 50% of the Lore Book

21. The Librarian

Unlock 100% of the Lore Book

The Lore Book is filled by collecting lore entries from the dungeons and exploration areas. These can show up as books, scrolls, etc. They will always be glimmering so it is obvious that there is something to interact with. Inside every dungeon you will find a floating eye called a Surveyor. Collecting this will

22. An Unstoppable Force

Acquire 1 of the Heroes’ Ultimate Weapons

23. All out of bubblegum…

Acquire all of the Heroes’ Ultimate Weapons

Many thanks to The Pants Party for information about this achievement.

To craft the Ultimate Weapons for each character, you first need to learn the recipes. These are all found on bookshelves in the Pale Cathedral next to the Northern Wintervein Blinkstation. From there, you need to obtain all the items. These are found through story progression, treasure hunts, and optional bosses. You also need a large amount of Epic Parts, which are found in loot containers and chests inside the later dungeons.

Garrison (The Cursed Blade)

Artifact Blade – Garrison’s starting weapon (can’t sell, so you don’t have to worry about losing it).

Forlorn Shard of the Brave – Complete the “Trial By Fire” hunt.

Desecrated Soul Shard of the Powerful – Earn 3200 Battle Marks in the Arena.

40 Epic Parts – Loot from Wintervein, Crimson Garden, and Mana Rifts.

Gully (Dragonkind)

Aramus’ Legacy – Gully’s starting weapon (can’t sell, so you don’t have to worry about losing it).

Dragon Scales – Defeat Lord Bevelros. This boss first shows up as a random spawn in the Iron Outpost dungeon. You will find it in a sarcophagus and it asks to be let out. Make sure you refuse and fight it for the “Shade of Bevelros” bestiary entry! Now keep running the dungeon until you find it again, but this time let it out. It will move to the Deadwatch dungeon, once again as a random spawn, but this time at full strength. Kill it to receive the item.

Dragon Heart Phylactery – Loot this from the northern most chest in the Deep Snow (north of the Mana Rifts dungeon). Requires five mana shards to open (which are found in the dungeon).

40 Epic Parts – Loot from Wintervein, Crimson Garden, and Mana Rifts.

Calibretto (Calamity)

Salvaged Behemoth Cannon – Kill the Behemoth, which spawns from an airship (see “No Parley”).

Twin Power Core – Complete the “Destructive Duo” hunt.

Fate Stone – Drop from Deep Lurker enemies.

40 Epic Parts – Loot from Wintervein, Crimson Garden, and Mana Rifts.

Knolan (Ragnarok)

Killington’s Restored Cane – Complete the “The Gentleman” hunt.

2 Phylactery – Drop from Ancient Lich enemies.

2 Elemental Core – Drop from Greater Ice Elemental enemies.

40 Epic Parts – Loot from Wintervein, Crimson Garden, and Mana Rifts.

Red Monika (Destiny and Destruction)

Resplendent Pistol Handles – Found during a treasure hunt started by looting the largest chest in The Winding (dig spot by the three small lakes in the north).

Artificer’s Revolver Components – The next step for the treasure hunt above. Found in a fishing spot at the Pointe Break Cantina. This fish won’t bite unless you use the Level 24 bait from the Fishmonger (or better).

Living Stone Slab – Drop from Stone Gargoyle enemies.

40 Epic Parts – Loot from Wintervein, Crimson Garden, and Mana Rifts.

Alumon (Argeas’ Hallowed Bulwark)

Argeas’ Ruined Bulwark – After getting the Deadheart, go to Banog Cave in Forest Vale and switch to the shadow realm to loot it.

Malefic Blood Essence – Complete the “The Hunger” hunt.

Fate Stone – Drop from Deep Lurker enemies.

40 Epic Parts – Loot from Wintervein, Crimson Garden, and Mana Rifts.

24. Ch-ch-ch-changes!

Unlock a Hero Skin

25. Cosplaying

Unlock all Hero Skin

There is one extra skin per character to unlock in the game. Each of these is purchased from the Collector for 100 shadow coins.

26. Battle Ready

Unlock a Level 3 Battle Burst

27. Mass Ruckus

Unlock All Battle Bursts

After you finish the dungeon The Dig (I was Level 16, not sure if that matters), the Beastmaster will chat with you and tell you the requirements of each character’s Level 3 Battle Burst (aka their “Ultimate Burst”). Some are a bit vague, some very direct.

They are as follows:

Calibretto: Kill the Ancient Construct Alpha at the Stonegrove Ruins, west of Strongmont dungeon. This is a Level 20 boss and has no special requirements to summon. He’s waiting for you.

Garrison: You need to earn at least 600 Battle Marks in the Arena to earn the Tenets of the Blademaster reward. See “Are You Not Entertained” for more info.

Gully: Continue to do battle. I only needed to do one more battle, so I’m not sure what the exact requirement is for this one. Could just be level related.

Knolan: The Enchantress will help you with this one. She gives you the first piece of the Time Warp spell. The other two pieces are found in Deadwatch (mini-boss room) and Strongmont (first room).

Red Monika: Kill 12 Lycelot Bomber type enemies (found in Ironwood, Path of Fangs, The Dig, etc). She doesn’t have to get the killing blow or even be in the party at the time to get credit, and I think it even takes into account ones you killed prior to getting this task.

Alumon: You need to kill Caldeus at the Tomb of Caldeus in the Southern Wilds. However, first you need to find his skull in the Deadwatch dungeon. I assume the location is random, but mine was in the second to last room. Once you have the skull, summon and kill this Level 20 boss. Once you meet a requirement, her building with have an exclamation point above it showing you’ve unlocked a new Burst, and you’ll also get a journal entry under Secondary Objectives.

28. Warming Up

Get a Mid level score at the Battle Arena

29. Are You Not Entertained

Get Max Score in the Battle Arena

  • To get a max score in the Arena, you will need to select the highest difficulty which is Elite. This will start with Level 25 enemies, though they will get all the way to Level 28 by the end.
  • The Arena is comprised of eight waves of enemies (three in each wave, so 25 enemies total) as well as a final boss (The Farseer).
  • The fourth wave is the mini-boss Verimatrax and two minor enemies at the same time. If you are Level 28+ this task is extremely simple.
  • Your best bet is to use Alumon’s Sanguine Embrace skill to overheal and provide all your characters with a damage shield, while your other two character do the damage for the most part.
  • Use it whenever it’s available and don’t hesitate to blow through your mana either. By now you should be fairly familiar with combat so it’s just a matter of planning your actions carefully.
  • At the end, you’ll have 3705 Battle Marks for a max score and all the rewards from the Arena shop.

30. Fresh Mint

Acquire 100,000 gold (culmulative)

31. The New Bitcoin

Acquire 200 Shadow Coins

You will earn shadow coins in a number of ways, though mostly from hunts and selling artifacts to the Collector.

32. Finders Keepers

Get all three chests in The Winding

The Winding is a location found in the far north of the map, just south of the Crimson Gardens dungeon. This is a hedge maze that you need to complete in about two minutes, while also hitting three pressure plates which will unlock three rewards at the end of the maze.

33. Go On…

Kill one of the Beastmaster’s Targets

34. Like A Noss

Kill all the Beastmaster’s Targets

The Beasmaster is found on the western edge of Harm’s Way in a building called The Altered Bestiary. Here you will train to learn new abilities, purchase crafting items, and see what Hunts are available. Hunts unlock one by one as you progress the story, level up, and complete previous hunts.

If you’ve completed all the available hunts, proceed to the next story dungeon and check back after. Completing all of the Hunts will unlock this achievement. There are 8 hunts in all, and each has a suggested level of completion, though you can do them earlier. They are as follows:

Trial By Fire (Level 10)

This hunt is located in the Rushlands, in the Balefire Cave to the north. You will need to light all 12 torches here with Flint to be able to summon Fire Lord R’Zahl and defeat it.

Deep in the Mire (Level 12)

After completing the Path of Fangs dungeon, Dogan at the Inn and Tavern will have a quest to clear out the sewers of slimes. The Sludge Mound is the boss. You may have had to complete his first quest to clear the sewers of spiders first, though I’m not positive if that’s a requirement or not.

The Voice From Below (Level 15)

To battle this boss, you’ll need to acquire a number of things first. You can get them one by one as it asks for them, or just compile them now to save some back and forth. You’ll need 1600 Gold, Pauper’s Slop from the Harm’s Way Inn and Tavern, Junker’s Stew and Scummy Grog from the Pointe Break Cantina, and a Ladder from the Junktown dungeon (which I found next to one of the warp points). Once you have all of those things, throw them down the well in the Southern Gate area, then descend and defeat King Slime. Remember to retrieve all your gold from down there!

A Watcher of Graves (Level 16)

Head to The Red Grave, which is west of the Deadwatch dungeon. Here will be a roaming ghost. To make him corporeal and able to fight, you need to loot the graves of Jarren and Dominick. You’ll get a key from the second one, allowing you to enter the tomb of Argeas. Once you’ve looted all three of those, you can fight the Grave Warden to complete the hunt.

Destructive Duo (Level 19)

To start this hunt, first visit the attic of the Pointe Break Cantina’s bar. You’ll find two decommissioned mechs here. Read the book behind them to learn the crafting recipe for a battery to fix them. All the ingredients are common except the “Mana Infused Deep Iron Ignot” which you can only craft by giving Welt enough ore to fix his pickaxe. You can find him just south of The Dig. The other is the S.U.Z.I.E. core, which you should come across in the Junktown dungeon. Once you craft the OEM Energy Cell, repair and defeat the mechs.

An Ancient Weapon (Level 20):

This is the same boss required for Calibretto’s Ultimate Burst.

The Hunger (Level 26)

To fight this boss, you need to first visit the Pale Cathedral which is next to the Northern Wintervein Blinkstation. Grab the empty Blood Vessel from this location, and fill it inside the Crimson Gardens dungeon. You also need three Ancient Vampire Fangs, which are dropped by Ancient Vampire Ghouls. These enemies spawn in the Pale Cathedral, in Wintervein on the world map,
and inside the Crimson Gardens. Return to the Pale Cathedral with all the items to summon and defeat The Hunger.

The Gentleman (Level 27)

This hunter is located in The Red Grave. You will need three items to summon him. First, buy the top hat from the Collector for 50 shadow coins, then trade that with a guy in the Pointe Break Cantina bar to get the correct top hat. Next, get all the chests in The Winding Way (see “Finders Keepers”) and use the Winking Ring to open the locked gate in the ruins north of the Arena, which will give you the monocle. Lastly, return to The Red Grave and get the cane from inside a tomb. Take all three items to the grave of W.K. Killington to summon and defeat him.

Secret (Hidden) Achievements

The description of these achievement hidden untill you unlock them

35. Survivors

Make it to the road

Easy one, just go to the end of the start location to the global map

36. It’s Just Beginning

Complete the Iron Outpost

Only play the game

37. Trial By Combat

Complete the Path of Fangs

Only play the game

38. Too Late

Complete Junktown

Only play the game

39. That’s Deep, Bro

Complete The Dig

Only play the game

40. Bad Moon Rising

Complete Deadwatch

Only play the game

41. Lich, Please

Complete Strongmont

Only play the game

42. Beauty is in the Eye

Complete the Crimson Garden

Only play the game

43. Vice Versa

Complete the Mana Rifts

Only play the game

44. Queen of the North

Kill C’drall

Only play the game

45. Barrel of Fun

Find Knolan

Only play the game

46. Blood and Tears

Bring Alumon into the party

Only play the game

47. Seeing Red

Find Monika

Only play the game

48. No Parley

Defeat the Pirate Captain

There is a chance that Pirate Captain can be found in airships, which begin to spawn shortly after completing Junktown. each time you finish a dungeon, 2-4 airships will spawn near Junktown or the Iron Outpost.

Thank you for reading.

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