Battle Chasers: Nightwar All Secret Achievements

The description of these achievement hidden untill you unlock them 1. Survivors Make it to the […]

The description of these achievement hidden untill you unlock them

1. Survivors

Make it to the road

Easy one, just go to the end of the start location to the global map

2. It’s Just Beginning

Complete the Iron Outpost

Only play the game

3. Trial By Combat

Complete the Path of Fangs

Only play the game

4. Too Late

Complete Junktown

Only play the game

4. That’s Deep, Bro

Complete The Dig

Only play the game

5. Bad Moon Rising

Complete Deadwatch

Only play the game

6. Lich, Please

Complete Strongmont

Only play the game

7. Beauty is in the Eye

Complete the Crimson Garden

Only play the game

8. Vice Versa

Complete the Mana Rifts

Only play the game

9. Queen of the North

Kill C’drall

Only play the game

10. Barrel of Fun

Find Knolan

Only play the game

11. Blood and Tears

Bring Alumon into the party

Only play the game

12. Seeing Red

Find Monika

Only play the game

13. No Parley

Defeat the Pirate Captain

There is a chance that Pirate Captain can be found in airships, which begin to spawn shortly after completing Junktown. each time you finish a dungeon, 2-4 airships will spawn near Junktown or the Iron Outpost.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar DLC and Extra’s

The basic information for now is there is no any plan to make any DLC for the game.

But at least, you can buy Battle Chasers: Nightwar Digital Extras

The digital Extras of Battle Chasers: Nightwar contain a PDF artbook and a soundtrack compilation as wav.

The artbook features more than 40 pages of beautiful art created by award-winning comic book artist Joe Madureira and his team at Airship Syndicate. Get a behind the scenes look on how your favorite art was translated from paper into stunning game art.

The soundtrack features 27 atmospheric tracks by Jesper Kyd and Clark Powell in wav format. Enjoy the tunes of Battle Chasers: Nightwar now on your favorite music player.

  1. Battle Chasers Theme
  2. The Beginning
  3.  Smugglers & Thieves
  4.  Surprise Round
  5. Dreaming of Crits
  6. Avatar of Fear
  7. When the Smoke Clears
  8. Between Space & Time
  9. Opening Cinematic
  10. Loftbuckler
  11. Mana Surge
  12.  A Hidden Dagger
  13.  Mud & Lead, Blood Red
  14. Do Wargolems Dream of Magitech Sheep
  15. A Matter of Time
  16.  Williams Memory
  17.  Awe
  18.  Hearts Beating like Drums
  19.  Into Darkness
  20.  Campfire
  21.  Full Moon
  22.  Inner Strength
  23.  Nights Curse
  24.  In Harm’s Way
  25.  Sunrise
  26.  Journey’s End
  27. Thieves and Smugglers (Air Pirate Mix)

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