Fallout 76 – Motherlode Quest Walkthrough

Fallout 76 Motherlode Walkthrough Possible Quest Rewards: Ultracite Ore A Random Weapon A Random Ore And […]

Fallout 76 Motherlode Walkthrough

Possible Quest Rewards:

  1. Ultracite Ore
  2. A Random Weapon
  3. A Random Ore
  4. And Random Components

This quest is triggered by accessing the archives of a terminal inside the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters.

The quest is essentially simulated business espionage. With the players needing to make it to the position of an executive by taking an automated exam in the building.

The questions of which can be answered either by finding the information in the building. Or by cheating with the aid of your helpful hints from vault boy box.

After managing to forge an executive access card, the players can enter the executive office.

Where they will find a terminal with instructions on how to acquire the motherlode, being an acquisition code that they need to punch into the access terminal.

After placing the acquired repair beacon in its launcher, the motherlode will show itself as a somewhat sentient being, and after a brief appearance will then dig back into the Earth. Leaving the mission rewards in its wake.

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