Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlock Characters

Welcome to our Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlock Characters guide. This game is survival roguelike […]

Welcome to our Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlock Characters guide. This game is survival roguelike RPG. like Vampire survivors but not exactly the same. Hope this will help you understand the concept of this game to help you get victory easily.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Beautiful Mystic Survivors game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Beautiful Mystic Survivors guide.

Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlock Characters

This game is survival roguelike RPG. like Vampire survivors but not exactly the same.

In this game you have to fight a lots of monster mobs/ Elite and Boss. And the play style is different, you need to walk around try dodging horde of monster and kite them to kill and get gem for level up.

And by progressing the game, you get more and more powerful items/ characters. So take your time playing it with some strategy.

Beautiful Mystic Survivors Guide

Starting of the game after installing you weakling have no money with 2 waifu.

To do list for easy winTo do list for easy win

and the reason we are weakling :

To do list for easy win

To do list for easy win

Yes, we broke and powerless (gotcha farm the gold for upgrading ’em all) .

Gameplay & Control – Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlock Characters


To do list for easy win

  1. Character portrait&level
  2. Weapons & Passive gear list [There are 4 tier of both equipment : Normal(T1), Rare(T2), Epic(T3) and Legendary (T4) display by color White > Blue > Purple > Orange/Yellow]
  3. Character Skill
  4. Character unit (under character is aiming direction line)
  5. Mini-map (Unlock after done achievement)
  6. Timer on the top mid of screen *Note : Elite monster (specific minute’s boss)/ First&Final boss of stage will spawn as the time passed by* First boss spawn at 15min / Final boss spawn at 30min
  • Your current Level / Weapons and Passive gear show on Top left of the screen (Normally max 6 equipment /gears) : Each time you level up you will get random choices of weapons and passives (3-5 choices depend on Luck stat).
  • Mini-map will show you the position of yourself/ On-ground passive/ Chest/ item attract orb/ and Shrines.
    *** Mini-map will be available after collect 100 items (destroy skull lootbox and loot it) achievement ***
  • Enemies will keep spawning time to time all around the screen, try your best until the very end of each run on surviving.


For Keyboard&Mouse

  • WASD or directional button (up down left right) to run around.
  • Mouse is using to aim/ select level up choices and interaction. (can toggle one-handmode if using the mouse for aiming make the game harder for you.)
  • Spacebar to use character’s skill (each characters have their own skill cool down differently)

For Controller

  • Left stick for Movement
  • Right stick for Aiming

Monster spawn timer/ event

As I introduce some info in Gameplay section. In this game monster will spawn each minute wave for 1-2 minutes until different type monsters got spawning replace. I will write and keep update the table content of “Monster type & Timer of spawn/ de-spawn” later.

Stage 1

TypeTimer of spawn/ de-spawn
Spider0:00 – 2:00
Mad Shroom1:00 – 2:00
Big Spider1:10 – until you kill it
Bee swarm2:15/
Horn bat2:15 –

Tips & Strategy

As fresh start newbie what you should focus first is clearing the achievement to unlock more stuff for future run.

To do list for easy win

*Since power up upgrade still locked for some passive

Note :

  1. Try to survive at least 5 minutes or more while looking for “Skull Lootbox” on your first run (Skull Loot box will drop either Potion or Gold coin {prize : 1/ 10/ 25/ 100 } ) after destroyed.
  2. On the first run level up and get new weapon until you filled 6 slots.(Immediately pick the “Legendary tier ” if you lucky enough to get it in your choice since it will clear 1 easy achievement)
  3. From (1) While you collecting potion or gold each run by destroying lootbox you will unlock the Mini-map after collected 100 items(either potion or gold).
  4. After you finish the first 2 steps (1)/(2) above and Game Over in first run new passive should be add to new run now. And this time you should be able to think about strategy to survive longer. Bellatrix is recommend for playing until you finished buying power up : “Damage, Recovery and Cooldown 2 stacks each of them”.
  5. In this pic will show you about the choices. Look closely to its “top right” since it will show either the weapons or passive gears are needed to specific pairs for Evolution
  6. Weapon will be able to evolve after it reach lv 8 + at least lv 1 corresponding passive, after the condition is met, just walk to the chest to evolve the weapon.

To do list for easy win

So in order to evolve the weapon fast you should pick less new weapon/passive and focus on your very first weapon as possible. Passive gears that spawn on the ground can be pick up later to exceed 6 slots caps as an extra but will be normal tier (T1) & can make already level 5 passive upgrade to level 6 on late pick up.

You can spam character skill at the start and quit the run then repeat this process again to complete some achievement faster instead of playing a long run (might need High spec PC).

To do list for easy win

Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlocking Characters

*** By repeating the tips above and progressing the game, collecting gold /bought more power up. you will eventually clear either stage 1 or 2 for sure.

Unlocking Characters

Unlocking Characters

To unlock the characters you need to do the achievement but there are some characters still locked (Melisandre and Ciara) and you would wonder how to unlock them.

To unlock Melisandre

  1. You need to unlock the Mini-map or MapNote :Mini map unlocked via pick up the loot(either potion or gold) from skull box 100 times. While Map unlocked via collecting 2000 golds in 1 run.
  2. After unlocked Map walking to ” ? ” . it will take very long time to walk there so prepare yourself and make sure you have about 15 or 10 minutes left before timer hit 30:00 and the last boss appear.

To do list for easy win

3.Once you get near to ” ? “ you will see Melisandre [stage 1] /Ciara [stage 2] surrounded by monsters.

To do list for easy winTo do list for easy win

Try to help them by killing special monsters that surround them until the barrier going down, and then you can walk them home (・∀・).

Relics – Beautiful Mystic Survivors Tips & Unlock Characters

Relic system is like gambling.

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