Below – How to Get Into the Cave

Find the Lantern

To find the lantern in Below, you need to head straight north from where you land on the coast. You’ll head up a very small, narrow path, where you can’t sprint. When you get to the open field with grass, head north and slightly left, and you’ll come to the area below, with a small light. Press A at the small point of light, and then press the left bumper to equip the lantern.

How to Get Into the Cave

Now that you have the lantern in your possession, you can head into the cave. Head northeast from where you found the lamp, and you’ll find a set of stone stairs leading up two levels. At the top of here, you’ll be able to enter the cavern, which is when you properly kick off Below.

Eat Food, but Only Good Food

It’s important to keep a supply of food, but also essential you don’t eat bad food. Eating bad food will make you sick. Look out for rats, and other small animals, and make use of the spear fishing we detailed above. You’ll be able to hunt down animals by listening out for their movements.

Fish With Your Spear

If you have a spear and also wondering how to get some food, you are in luck. If you are near shallow water you can hold down the attack button and you’ll stab fish swimming near the surface.

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