Below – What is the Blue Fire?

Below Basic Crafting Guide

You can use the items you collect on your adventure in Below you craft numerous useful items that aren’t simply found on your travels. We’ve detailed the items you’ll be able to craft during the opening few hours of the game, all of which can be crafted from any camp fire that you come across.

  • Torch: one ember, one rope, one stick

What is the Blue Fire?

One of the early items in Below that is causing some confusion is blue fire. We’re still figuring out exactly how the blue fire system works, but it seems to be a custom checkpoint system of some sort. We’ve died and returned to our blue flame, but we’re not yet clear on the full usefulness of the mechanic.

As you can probably tell, we’ve only played Below for a very limited amount of time. Once we’ve made it further into the complex game, we’ll be sure to update this guide whenever we discover any new details

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