Big Ambitions Hard Mode Made Easy

Hard Mode Made Easy, is a step-by-step or better, day-by-day guide to starting your Big Ambitions Hard Mode game. Allowing you to earn more than $3500 on day 4, hire and employ workers on day 5 to earn you over $4000 a day! After which you would be set to explore the game to the fullest while always having a good amount of income to back your new ventures.

Big Ambitions Hard Mode Made Easy

Welcome to our Big Ambitions Hard Mode Made Easy guide. This guide is an attempt to min/max the early game to allow you a great economic backbone to further explore the game to the fullest.

  • I will guide you through every action taken, in order, day-by-day up until day 5.
  • You should be earning over $4000 a day after day 5, which would give you enough income to start thinking about setting up a second business, as well as keeping your current business fully stocked.

This guide will expand as I continue testing optimal routes and actions to maximize income, and minimize lost time.

Day 1

Big Ambitions Hard Mode Made Easy
Big Ambitions Hard Mode Made Easy

“Hey, kid, I hope you’re feeling better. Anyway, …” Keep it to yourself Uncle Fred! I know what I’m doing.

Press ‘m’ on your keyboard or open up the Voogle Maps app on your Bizphone. Check if the following retail rentals are available:
5th Avenue 32 (50 Traffic Index) , 5th Avenue 20 (49) or 5th Avenue 14 (48)

Big Ambitions Hard Mode
Big Ambitions Hard Mode

These retail rental units have the highest traffic index for 75m2, from the next one onwards it drops off to 40 Traffic Index and lower fast, which would make your business less profitable.

If none of these retail rental units are available you should consider starting over until you can rent one of these units.

Enter the El Gato Food Market, a apply for the job listing they have.
This will allow you to start working on day 2, a day faster than the tutorial would lead you to.
Also buy 10 Fresh Food.

Continue following Uncle Fred’s objectives by going to your first apartment and rent it. You can place the Fresh Food you bought on the ground and spend the first night in your bed.
Only sleep until 5 o’clock in the morning.

Day 2

I hope you didn’t oversleep, we have stuff to do!

Get up at 5 o’clock in the morning, we have to hurry.
Grab the Fresh Food Paper Bag from the ground, and Consume one Fresh Food. Place it back on the ground.

Big Ambitions Hard Mode
Big Ambitions Hard Mode

Run towards the Manhattan Business School, which opens at 6 o’clock in the morning. Enter as soon as possible at start studying Basic Management for 2 hours.
(You can ignore the warning from your boss for showing up late – we just have to work enough to earn $300 for Uncle Fred’s objective)

Get to the El Gato Supermarket. When you enter buy 1 Fresh Food and after checking out consume it on the spot. You can now start your work shift at the supermarket!

Move towards Square Appliances, where after you enter you first talk to the Store Manager to obtain his phone number. This will come in handy later.
After quickly declining out of his conversation you can now buy your Fridge!

Fridge in hand, it’s time for some more studying at the Manhattan Business School, you should be able to get in 3 hours of studying before they close their doors at 8 o’clock.

Time to go plop down that heavy fridge in your house after carrying it for several hours. You can then stock up that same fridge with the Fresh Food you bought earlier on Day 1.

After 5 hours total of studying and 7 hours of working in the supermarket, we’re halfway towards hiring employees and also halfway to Uncle Fred’s next objective! Time to rest those eyes, until 5 o’clock tomorrow.

Day 3

Wake up at 5 o’clock, grab a bite to eat from your fridge because it’s time to go studying again at the Manhattan Business School. We still have half of our course left before we can hire employees.

Run towards the Manhattan Business School and continue your Basic Management Course for 2 hours.

Big Ambitions Hard Mode
Big Ambitions Hard Mode

(You’ll get another message from your boss Jose – but you can ignore this again)

Move over to the El Gato supermarket to start your last shift working for a boss.

Hurray! Time to quit this lousy job and earn some real money.
Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at the supermarket by buying and consuming 1 Fresh Food before leaving the store.

Now let’s go get a big loan from Uncle Fred’s friend at Jensen Capital Bank.

We still have some daylight to burn, let’s spend it by finishing our course at the Manhattan Business School. Study your remaining 3 hours at the school.

Since we’ve finished our school, we got the loan set we can look for a retail rental unit. Find the unit with the highest Traffic Index is 75m2 big and rent it.

Big Ambitions Hard Mode
Big Ambitions Hard Mode

Uncle Fred’s car is waiting for us, time to go pick it up.

With the car ready, and our business course completed we finally have time for a good night’s sleep. Sleep until 8 o’clock.

Day 4

Wake up at 7 o’clock, grab a bite to eat from your fridge and hop into your car. We’re starting a business today!

Drive towards Anderson Recruitment Corp., which opens at 8 o’clock. Enter and speak to the Recruitment Agent to start a recruitment campaign.
We need 1 Full Time employee as soon as possible so I suggest starting a recruitment campaign with the following settings:

Big Ambitions Hard Mode
Big Ambitions Hard Mode

Since we’ll need more employees in the future, feel free to start another recruitment campaign straight away. This time we’ll have more time so you can look for 10 candidates to be delivered within 10 days for a low price of $500.

Get back in your car and drive towards Square Appliances, it’ll open at 9 o’clock so you have a bit of time to get there.
Once there, we’ll buy the following 8 items:

  • 1x cabinet
  • 1x cash register
  • 1x stock of shopping baskets
  • 2x rounded shelves
  • 1x drinks fridge
  • 1x cleaning station
  • 1x storage shelf

Totaling up to $6145.
Your car fits all 8 items.

Time to go place these items in your new store. Placement doesn’t really matter too much, but the faster you do it the faster you will be able to open your store and earn money today.

Drive towards the NY Distro Inc. Wholesaler. Here we buy:

  • 1x paper bags
  • 1x soda cans
  • 1x cheap gift
  • 1x expensive gift

Totaling up to $3777.

Let’s go stock up and open your store to earn some real cash! You can earn more money by changing the retail prices for your stock:

Big Ambitions Hard Mode
Big Ambitions Hard Mode

When you’re working in the store yourself I suggest a schedule like this:

Big Ambitions Hard Mode
Big Ambitions Hard Mode

Fast forward time until you almost run out of Energy. Make sure not to completely run out, as you will incur negative penalties.

Before going to your home to sleep, make sure to clean your shop to (as good as) 100%.
You can sleep until 5:30 in the morning as we want to go studying the next day.

Big Ambitions Hard Mode
Big Ambitions Hard Mode

Day 5

to be further experimented and determined

Written by skawkclsrn

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