bit Dungeon 3 – Souls and Soul Crystal

Souls and Soul Crystal

Tips and Explanations

The Soul Crystal is the center of both character life and multiplayer. The Soul Crystal is found inside of the inventory. Use of the Soul Crystal will give multiplayer options based on how the player earned their first soul up from zero souls and how many Souls the player has top left corner of UI…

Zero 0 Souls Tips

Zero 0 Souls – 1) return to place of death and retrieve soul. 2) Invade a friend and ask them to take you into a boss fight. 3) Invade another player and ask to enter a boss fight (PVP is disabled inside of boss rooms) and regain your soul by helping defeat a boss. 4) Invade a friend who has at least one soul and ask to kill them. 5) Invade a random player and successfully kill them.

Explanation of Soul Crystal Auras / HP bars

Having zero 0 Souls will give the player a red Soul Crystal. Using a red Soul Crystal will give the player a hostile red aura and a red HP bar while invading another world. The red Soul Crystal will only allow “invasions” and no “joining” another player but more oddly will force hostile invasions into ones own Steam friends’ world via the join lobby chat feature.

Having one soul after killing another player is different than having one from killing a boss. The player killer with one soul and light purple HP bar will invade and be hostile to “joining” players until their +4 invasion when the Soul Crystal transforms into a light blue “Join” Soul Crystal; the boss killer is light blue with HP bar and is safe from all accidental light blue PVP from one soul up.

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