Neon Beats – Level 1-3 Note Collection

Level 1-3 Note Collection Neon Beats is a short and easy rhythm platforming in the same […]

Level 1-3 Note Collection

Neon Beats is a short and easy rhythm platforming in the same vein as 140 or The Impossible Game, but nowhere near as difficult as those. You can have it cleared in around 10-15 minutes as there’s only 3 levels, but with some fun achievements to spice up replays.

Level 1 Notes:

Level 1’s notes are somewhat tricky to find, especially the 2nd one if you’re going for a “no death, all notes” speedrun:


As soon as you pass the two rotating purple blocks with spikes, you’ll see a rope. Use it to get to the platform on the left and wall jump up to the first block.


When you come up to the spinning purple spike platforms that make a bridge, try to wedge yourself to the left as soon as the top one flips to get to the area above it. Do some wall jumps, grab the rope, and jump right into the note.


This game heavily relies on spikes killing you and having no death pits to fall into, so you might find it strange to see an empty spot in-between this set of spikes after the section with the torrent of orange bounce pads. Just jump in the empty gap to claim your prize.

Level 2 Notes

Level 2‘s notes are pretty easy to find, save for the last one:


Right after the spike wall chase, you’ll see some boost arrows and 2 bounce pads, with another empty gap after the 2nd one. Drop right into it and you’ll dash straight into the note (This is also the best path for speedrunning).


There’s a spot with two moving rope platforms and yet another empty area beneath after the 2nd one. Be careful not to fall right next to the edges and drop down for your prize.


This one is pretty tricky. Shortly after the 2nd note is a pit with spikes on the walls. You need to jump across the gap at just the last second to reach the other side. Once there, hop on the orange pads up to the top platform for this collectible.

Level 3 Notes

Level 3‘s notes are very easy to get, but they become incredibly tricky to grab if you’re attempting to speed-run this level without dying.


After the long section with spike walls chasing you down, you’ll see the moment you start moving.


Right after the automated elevator section, you’ll see this note hanging out right near the lowering spike ceiling. Quickly hit the boost arrow, jump on the platform, and nab it before the ceiling gets too low.


Immediately after this part, once you’ve walljumped past the spikes, the floor will start rising. You’ll see this note hanging out by the spikes in the ceiling. Quickly jump up before the floor gets to high.

NEW EDIT: On repeat playthroughs, I ran into a bug on Level 2 with the automated elevator that’s supposed to drop you down to the next section. You’re boosted at lightning speed towards the end and the box that’s supposed to drop you turns over early, casuing you to be stuck there until a reset.


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