Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Recital Achievement

How to get Recital Achievement?

  • Achievement: Recital
  • Description: Listen to the faerie’s song.

Keep playing through the game and you’ll eventually reach the Coachman.
To pass by him you need the Craftwork shard from beating the Craftwork boss.

Lift the platform infront of him and push it over the edge.
Ride the coach across the large gap.

After reaching the other side go directly to the right, through a short hallway, then the area right after you’ll encounter a Caraboose faerie. They’re pink and have 4 wings. You can’t miss them.

Farm them until you get the Familiar Shard to summon one. Progress to the next area which is a large stretch and you’ll encounter a piano.

Simply sit at the piano with the Caraboose out and you’ll play a song and the Caraboose will sing. (If you do this without the Caraboose out you’ll still play the song, but there will be no singing. So no achievement.)

Listen to the song and when it end you’ll get your achievement.

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