Bloodstained : Ritual of the Night – Demon No. 044

Demon No. 044

Who is Demon No.044?

This one

It’s status

Where/How can we find Demon No.044

1. Back to Bridge of Evil and go ride the train.
2. Find seat with open window.(Only one that you can sit)

3. Sit for awhile.
4. Wait until Miriam feel sleepy(?) and she will see something moving in the lake.
6. Yes there it is.

How to fight?

If you aren’t prepare enough. It will kill you quickly.(Not from jump scare)
You will always get curse rapidly if you’re

-Watching it (Maybe?)
-Stay near it

So I’ll share my fighting strategy.

1. After it appear go to the roof as fast as possible. (Try not to died here)
2. You’re save if you’re above it.
3. Move right from roof hole.
4. Standing here.

5. If you’re lucky enough. It will follow under you and can’t do anything to you.
-If it don’t follow you. Try go back inside and make it follow you.(and yes try to stay away and stay alive)
6. I use purple shard “Teps Oceus” to attack from above.
7. Slowly spam until it died.

Teps Oceus is unleash random chain lighting to attack enemy in screen.
Teps Oceus drop form this demon.

So go farming anywhere you like.

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