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Bloody Glory in Lords of the Fallen

Bloody Glory in Lords of the Fallen is a crucial weapon, known for its massive damage to enemies. Wondering where to find it and its features? Get all the details in our guide!

Bloody Glory is an important weapon in Lords of the Fallen because it’s one of the massive swords that deal the most damage to enemies. So, where can you find this sword in your Lords of the Fallen adventure? What are its features and tips? We’ve detailed everything you want to know about Bloody Glory in our Bloody Glory in Lords of the Fallen guide; check it out!

Bloody Glory in Lords of the Fallen

In Lords of the Fallen, the Bloody Glory stands as a formidable Grand Sword, created by the skilled hands of the Hallowed Sentinels. This mighty weapon requires players to engage in up-close combat, delivering powerful blows to enemies, bosses, and fellow players during PvP battles. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of the Bloody Glory, covering its location, rune slots, and effective strategies to make the most of this powerful weapon.

Where to find Bloody Glory in Lords of the Fallen

To obtain the Bloody Glory, venture to the following location:

Where to find Bloody Glory in Lords of the Fallen
Where to find Bloody Glory in Lords of the Fallen

Pilgrim’s Perch: Within Belled Rise, you’ll encounter two paths for progression. Opt for the right doorway leading to the Path of Devotion. Ascend the stairs, dealing with various foes on the way. Upon reaching the cavern, you’ll find the coveted Bloody Glory in the far left corner.
Rune Slots for the Bloody Glory:

Bloody Glory can be equipped with the following runes:

  • Rune Slot 1: RAD
  • Rune Slot 2: RAD
  • Rune Slot 3: METAL

Bloody Glory Upgrades

 Attack StatsStat ScalingRune SlotsCrafting
 Attack PowerPhysicalHolyFireWitherStrAgiRadInfSlotsReq. Materials
+1161818000EC+1Small Deralium Fragment x2
+2183929100D-C+1Small Deralium Fragment x4
+320510410100D-B-1Regular Deralium Nuggets x1
+422711611100D-B2Regular Deralium Nuggets x2
 +524812812000D-B+2Regular Deralium Nuggets x4
+627114113000D-B+2Large Deralium Shards x2
+729315413900D-A-2Large Deralium Shards x4
+831616814800DA2Large Deralium Shards x6
+933918215700DA+3Large Deralium Shards x8
+1036219716500DA+3Deralium Chunk x1
Bloody Glory Upgrades in Lords of the Fallen

Tips and Strategies

The Bloody Glory boasts a unique feature – it scales based on Radiance in your primary stats and applies a bleed debuff to your foes. Bleed is a potent burst status effect, dealing significant and audible damage over time to the enemy’s HP bar.

If you aim to maximize the potential of the Bloody Glory, consider the following strategies:

  • Hidden Lore: Some practitioners of Radiant sorcery can numb the pain associated with using one’s own blood, making it essential to unlock the “Radiance” attribute for this ability.
  • Weight: The Bloody Glory has a weight of 35.1, so be mindful of your overall equipment loadout.

For a full-fledged bleed build with this weapon, you can employ specific effects. Early in the game, the “Bloodbane Ring” allows you to build up the bleed meter on a creature while simultaneously inflicting poison. Combine this with “Poison Salts” to rapidly build bleed and poison on your target.

You can also use Forsaken Grenades, Poison Javelins, or other equipment to apply poison and then use “Smite Salts” to gain extra benefits from smite damage for your Radiance spell power attribute. Experiment with different spell combinations, like Putrefaction, an Umbral Spell acquired from the Forsaken Fen’s second village.

The Bloody Glory in Lords of the Fallen offers a versatile weapon with various build and playstyle options. These tips and strategies will help you harness the true potential of this mighty Grand Sword and create powerful character builds.

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