Total War Pharaoh Campaign Map

Prepare for an epic journey to become Pharaoh in ancient Egypt! Our Total War Pharaoh Campaign Map guide provides the map you need for an immersive experience with complex mechanics and diverse regions. Explore the world of Total War: Pharaoh with us

Get ready to embark on an epic adventure as you compete for the title of Pharaoh of Egypt! In this Total War Pharaoh Campaign Map guide you can find the Total War Pharaoh map you need when you embark on an adventure! You can focus on complex mechanics and various regions with the Total War Pharaoh campaign map, which offers a deeper and more immersive experience in the ancient Egyptian world! Check out for details!

Total War Pharaoh Campaign Map

The map in Total War: Pharaoh offers a unique and rich gaming experience set in ancient Egypt. While it may seem smaller in scale compared to some of the series’ largest maps, it brings a host of depth and intricate mechanics that elevate the Total War gameplay. In this guide, we’ll explore the details of the Total War: Pharaoh campaign map, including its setting and what players can expect from this captivating journey.

Campaign Map

The campaign map unfolds during the New Kingdom of Egypt era, immersing players in the heart of ancient history. As Pharaoh Merneptah’s rule nears its end, you will have the opportunity to seize control of one of the major forces striving for supremacy, ultimately aiming to claim the title of Pharaoh of Egypt.

Map Credits: Reddit user u/Ganossa

Regions to Conquer:

The Total War: Pharaoh campaign map comprises three diverse regions, each larger and more captivating than you might imagine:


The heartland of this campaign, Egypt is rich with history and tradition. Its unique traits will influence your strategic decisions as you vie for dominance.


A region with its distinct characteristics and challenges, Canaan provides a varied landscape for your campaign. The battles that unfold here will test your leadership skills to the limit.


Far from being just desert, Anatolia surprises with lush forests, creating a visually distinct battleground. Prepare for major sea battles that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Each of these regions is fully explorable and will serve as your battlefields as you strive to conquer and rule the land of Egypt. Total War: Pharaoh is more than just a desert campaign; it’s a journey filled with diverse terrains, cultures, and epic confrontations.

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