Blue Archive Tier List [2024]

Tier lists are a key to understanding the strongest things in a game. Here we have created the Blue Archive tier list with the best globally

Are you tired of feeling like u are always struggling in Blue Archive? Are you tired of not knowing which characters to use or how to build your team? Dont worry, we’ve got you covered! Our Blue Archive Tier List is here to help you dominate the game and experience all the excitement and adventure it has to offer. When it comes to character rankings our tier list provides a comprehensive breakdown of the best characters in the game. From S-Tier to D-Tier, we’ve ranked them all based on their stats, skills, and overall effectiveness in combat. Its not just about raw power, either. We take into account the synergy between characters and how well they work together as a team.

January 5, 2023: We updated, our Blue Archive Character Tier List

Blue Archive Tier List

If u are looking for the most powerful characters in the Blue Archive mobile game, look no further than our S-Tier. These characters have it all – high stats, devastating skills, and the ability to dominate any battle they’re in. If you want to breeze through the game’s toughest challenges, These are the characters you’ll want on ur team.

Character Tier List

However, if you want to build the best possible team and make the most of your gacha pulls, you’ll need to consult a reliable Blue Archive tier list. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We’ve ranked all the Blue Archive characters based on their roles, including attackers, tanks, supports, and healers, to help you create a powerful team. We’ve even included a helpful Blue Archive reroll guide to ensure that you get the characters you’re after. So why wait? Start building your dream team today with our expert guidance.

S-Tier Characters

Blue Archive S Tier Character List
Blue Archive S Tier Character List
Character NameStarsRoleClassPosBondAttack StyleArmor
HarunaThree Stars***StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE6⁠MysticHeavy Armor
HibikiThree Stars***SpecialAttackerBACK⁠ LINE9⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
IoriThree Stars***StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE6⁠PenetrationLight Armor
AliceThree Stars***StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE8⁠MysticSpecial Armor
AruThree Stars***StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE6⁠ExplosionLight Armor
KarinThree Stars***SpecialAttackerBACK⁠ LINE9⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
TsubakiTwo Stars**StrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠ LINE6⁠PenetrationSpecial Armor
Blue Archive S-Tier Characters

A-Tier Characters

Blue Archive A Tier Character List
Blue Archive A Tier Character List
Character NameStarsRoleClassPosBondAttack StyleArmor
HanaeTwo Stars**SpecialHealer⁠BACK⁠ LINE6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
KotamaOne Star*SpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠ LINE1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
SerinaOne Star*SpecialHealer⁠BACK⁠ LINE1⁠MysticLight Armor
ShunThree Stars***StrikerAttackerFRONT⁠ LINE9⁠ExplosionLight Armor
ChiseTwo Stars**StrikerAttackerMID5⁠MysticHeavy Armor
HifumiThree Stars***StrikerSupporter⁠MID8⁠PenetrationLight Armor
HinaThree Stars***StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
IzunaThree Stars***StrikerAttackerFRONT⁠ LINE6⁠MysticLight Armor
Karin Bunny GirlThree Stars***StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE2⁠MysticHeavy Armor
KotamaOne Star*SpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠ LINE1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
MidoriThree Stars***StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE6⁠PenetrationLight Armor
MomoiTwo Stars**StrikerAttackerMID6⁠PenetrationLight Armor
NonomiTwo Stars**StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE5⁠PenetrationLight Armor
SerinaOne Star*SpecialHealer⁠BACK⁠ LINE1⁠MysticLight Armor
ShirokoThree Stars***StrikerAttackerMID9⁠ExplosionLight Armor
ShunThree Stars***StrikerAttackerFRONT⁠ LINE9⁠ExplosionLight Armor
YuukaTwo Stars**StrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠ LINE1⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Azusa SwimsuitThree Stars***StrikerAttackerMID5⁠MysticLight Armor
Iori SwimsuitThree Stars***StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE5⁠ExplosionSpecial Armor
Shun YoungThree Stars***StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE6⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Blue Archive A-Tier Characters

B-Tier Characters

Blue Archive B Tier Character List
Blue Archive B Tier Character List
Character NameStarsRoleClassPosBondAttack StyleArmor
AkariTwo Stars**StrikerAttackerMID5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
SerikaTwo Stars**StrikerAttackerMID9⁠ExplosionLight Armor
AyaneTwo Stars**SpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠ LINE8⁠PenetrationLight Armor
FuukaTwo Stars**SpecialHealer⁠BACK⁠ LINE6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
HoshinoThree Stars***StrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠ LINE9⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
JunkoTwo Stars**StrikerAttackerMID8⁠PenetrationLight Armor
PinaOne Star*StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE1⁠PenetrationLight Armor
SayaThree Stars***SpecialAttackerBACK⁠ LINE8⁠ExplosionLight Armor
SerikaTwo Stars**StrikerAttackerMID9⁠ExplosionLight Armor
SumireThree Stars***StrikerAttackerFRONT⁠ LINE5⁠PenetrationSpecial Armor
TsurugiThree Stars***StrikerAttackerFRONT⁠ LINE5⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
UtahaTwo Stars**SpecialAttackerBACK⁠ LINE6⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
AzusaThree Stars***StrikerAttackerMID6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
CherinoThree Stars***StrikerAttackerMID6⁠PenetrationLight Armor
HareTwo Stars**SpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠ LINE5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Hina SwimsuitThree Stars***StrikerAttackerMID5⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
KoharuThree Stars***StrikerHealer⁠BACK⁠ LINE6⁠ExplosionLight Armor
Mashiro SwimsuitThree Stars***SpecialAttackerBACK⁠ LINE5⁠MysticLight Armor
Shiroko RidingThree Stars***StrikerAttackerMID3⁠MysticHeavy Armor
YuzuThree Stars***StrikerAttackerMID8⁠PenetrationSpecial Armor
Neru Bunny GirlThree Stars***StrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠ LINE4⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Saya CasualThree Stars***SpecialAttackerBACK⁠ LINE5⁠ExplosionSpecial Armor
Blue Archive B-Tier Characters

C-Tier Characters

Blue Archive C Tier Character List
Blue Archive C Tier Character List
Character NameStarsRoleClassPosBondAttack StyleArmor
ChinatsuOne Star*SpecialHealer⁠BACK⁠ LINE1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
EimiThree Stars***StrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠ LINE6⁠ExplosionLight Armor
HasumiTwo Stars**StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE8⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
HarukaOne Star*StrikerTank⁠FRONT⁠ LINE1⁠ExplosionLight Armor
IzumiThree Stars***StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE5⁠ExplosionLight Armor
KirinoTwo Stars**StrikerSupporter⁠MID6⁠ExplosionSpecial Armor
KotoriOne Star*StrikerSupporter⁠BACK⁠ LINE1⁠PenetrationLight Armor
MakiThree Stars***StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE8⁠PenetrationLight Armor
MutsukiTwo Stars**StrikerAttackerBACK⁠ LINE6⁠ExplosionLight Armor
NeruThree Stars***StrikerAttackerFRONT⁠ LINE8⁠PenetrationLight Armor
SuzumiOne Star*StrikerSupporter⁠MID1⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
YoshimiOne Star*SpecialAttackerBACK⁠ LINE6⁠PenetrationHeavy Armor
Izumi SwimsuitOne Star*StrikerSupporter⁠BACK⁠ LINE5⁠ExplosionLight Armor
NodokaOne Star*SpecialSupporter⁠BACK⁠ LINE6⁠ExplosionHeavy Armor
Tsurugi SwimsuitOne Star*StrikerAttackerFRONT⁠ LINE3⁠MysticSpecial Armor
Blue Archive C-Tier Characters

Of course, keep in mind that the rankings in this Blue Archive Tier List are subjective and may vary based on your playstyle and team composition. Nevertheless, we hope that this guide provides a helpful starting point as you explore the world of Blue Archive and build your dream team of powerful characters.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Blue Archive and start building the ultimate team today!

Blue Archive Reroll Guide

Hey there, in Blue Archive you’ve got access to a massive collection of heroes – from limited and exclusive units to more common ones that you can snag anytime. But if you’re new to the game, you’re probably wondering who to reroll for and whether it’s worth doing.

Well, let’s talk rerolling for a sec. It’s basically when you reset your account and try to grab some of the best units in the game from the get-go. It’s a good way to give yourself a head start, so you don’t have to worry about trying to acquire them later on.

If you’ve played gacha games before, you’re probably no stranger to rerolling. It’s a time-saver that many folks use to get ahead in the game. And if you want to try your hand at it in Blue Archive, we’ve got you covered with our Blue Archive reroll tier list.

Blue Archive Reroll Guide
Blue Archive Reroll Guide

How to Reroll in Blue Archive

Rerolling is pretty easy, and we’ve got a step-by-step guide below that’ll have you rolling in no time (just as long as it takes to clear the stages).

  • Sign into your account in Blue Archive.
  • Begin the tutorial.
  • Receive a free summon during the tutorial and use it to try and obtain your favorite characters.
  • Complete the first mission.
  • Check your in-game mailbox for rewards.
  • If you don’t get the characters you want, go to your phone’s Settings, select Apps, choose Blue Archive, and tap Clear Data to give yourself another chance.
  • Restart the game and try again.
  • Tap on the dots in the top right corner of the screen, select Account, then Continue, and finally Reset Account. Type in “Blue Archive” to reset your account.

Reroll Tier List

After learning about the rerolling process, you may be wondering which character to aim for. Here are some of the top characters to look out for during the summoning and rerolling process. It’s recommended to try and get at least three of them, with one or two being 3-star and at least one being 2-star. If you manage to get all of them, consider yourself lucky!

Priority 3-star units to reroll for:

  • Hibiki
  • Iori
  • Hina
  • Haruna
  • Shun

Priority 2-star units to look out for:

  • Akari
  • Tsubaki
  • Serika
  • Chise
  • Akane

Don’t forget to follow the Blue Archive twitter account for the latest news.

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