Tier List

If you reach the right Tier List. This list saves you from unnecessary waste of time. Our Tier Lists are created based on information from sources that have actually spent time in that game and followed the meta.

Tier Lists can be all-encompassing. Some games have a list of the best characters in the current patch, while others can have a tier list of items, abilities, or costumes. These lists represent the best. In online competitive games, players strive to be the best. These online competitive games release updates frequently. These updates include: character balances, item changes, etc. The balance in the game changes after each patch. The strongest character in the game from the patch the day before may not be that strong anymore after the patch. The most powerful weapon in the game may have lost its place to another weapon after the new patch. Game developers can never achieve the balance. with each update some items in the game will be the best.

Tier Lists is a savior that shows you the strongest characters, weapons, armor and items in the current patch. Me and my team are made up of people who follow competitive games closely and have played most of them. You can be sure to find the most up-to-date layer lists here.

Here are some of the most important Tier Lists: League of Legends Tier List Meta Champions, Dota 2 Tier List Meta Heros, Apex Legends Tier List Meta Characters, World of Warcraft PvP/PvE Tier List, and World of Warcraft Raid Tier List. The best characters, items and abilities are constantly changing in this Type of game.