Farlight 84: Character Tier List [2024]

Discover the best heroes in Farlight 84 with our ultimate tier list.

Our newest and up-to-date naguide Farlight 84 Tier List is now available! Farlight 84, which continues to maintain its successful launch and popularity, is receiving ongoing updates. With the latest changes implemented, we have compiled our level list, suitable for both the computer and mobile platforms of the game. As you may know, Farlight 84 is a battle royale game where everyone fights to be the last surviving human, and the character you choose plays a crucial role. Everyone wants to select the best character, but which one is the best? Take a look at our Farlight 84 tier list right away and discover the top characters!

January 5, 2024: We updated, Farlight 84 Character Tier List

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Meaning of Tier List Ranks

Before we get into the tier list, let’s go over what each tier means:

  1. S Tier: These are the best characters currently available in the game. They should be your top priority to add to your party, and you should level them up and equip them first.
  2. A Tier: These characters are great for filling gaps in your party when you don’t have enough S Tier characters. Look for ones that can counter your party’s weaknesses.
  3. B Tier: These characters are helpful during the early stages of the game, but become less useful as you progress. Use them when you don’t have enough S or A Tier characters, but try to swap them out later on.
  4. C Tier: These characters can have niche uses in certain game modes or be strong early on, but they’re not recommended for late-game parties.

Farlight 84 Tier List





Best Farlight 84 Characters

The game features a diverse roster of meticulously designed characters, each with unique abilities that add style to their gameplay. Newcomers to the game may seek insights into these characters’ behavior and discover which ones are highly played. Here is a ranking of some of the best characters in Farlight 84.


Maggie is the go-to hero for most players in Farlight 84 due to her exceptional mobility and unparalleled battlefield navigation. Aero Zoom, her first ability, overcharges her jetpack, allowing for more frequent use and granting blinding speed. This speed synergizes effectively with her second ability, Blast Delivery, as players won’t see the thrown grenade coming. Maggie’s passive, Jet Boost, further enhances her mobility, making her an unstoppable force in the game.


M.K.R is a powerhouse in Farlight 84, boasting some of the highest damage capabilities in the game. By utilizing his abilities together, he can clear the field swiftly and move on to the next target. His first ability, Fatal Volley, shoots out a wave of rocket projectiles, hitting everything in front of him. Spray’NPray, his second ability, suspends the ammo limit for his weapon temporarily, granting him infinite ammo.


Ceana takes the throne as the top support hero in Farlight 84, thanks to her ranged healing abilities. With Medi-EX, her first ability, she sends out healing drones to teammates or revives them from a safe position. Her Restoration Field ability gradually heals and repairs shields for allies. Additionally, her passive, Emergency Aid, allows her to heal and revive players faster, ensuring their longevity in battle.


Momoi is an all-around great hero with various positive traits that benefit both team play and solo encounters. While considered a support hero, she can be challenging to deal with in fights. Momoi’s Supply Drop ability allows frequent loadout changes, adapting to any situation. Her Smoke Bomb ability sets up ambushes or provides an escape route when in a tight spot. With her passive, Momoi and her team can use health kits and gain shields more quickly than other heroes.


Captain is a versatile hero capable of crowd control and protecting allies from damage. While not exceptional in solo play, Captain becomes a crucial component when part of a team engaging enemy teams. His first ability, the Freeze Gun, slows and heavily damages enemies over time. Captain’s second ability, Barrier Deployment, sets up a protective domed shield for all allies within. His contributions ensure team survivability and successful engagements.


Sunil is a dominant support hero, often regarded as one of the strongest in Farlight 84. His extensive array of buffs benefits the DPS heroes on the team while providing essential protection. Sunil’s Enhanced Hologram ability cleanses negative effects from teammates and increases movement speed temporarily. He can also deploy a jump booster for quick navigation and experiences a base movement speed increase while firing a weapon, thanks to his passive.


Beau is an exceptional hero suitable for all game modes, whether playing alongside teammates or going solo in battle royale. With high damage-dealing abilities in a large area, Beau strikes fear into rival players and grants control over engagements. His ultimate ability, Cluster Bomb, unleashes a highly explosive grenade that triggers a series of chain explosions, damaging all enemies in the area. Beau’s Frenzy Blast ability throws three separate grenades, damaging enemies over a wide area, albeit with limited range.


Watchman excels in providing a strong defense, making him a formidable presence on the battlefield. As a full-fledged tank character, Watchman utilizes his abilities to shelter himself and his teammates effectively. His first ability, Auto Guard, provides him with a shield upon receiving damage. Watchman’s second ability, Bunkers Away, allows him to place a barrier for cover. His ultimate summons an auto-seeking turret with freezing ammunition, further enhancing his defensive capabilities.


Yong is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, rendering enemy positioning useless with his tactical abilities. He excels at exposing rival players’ hiding places, disrupting their planning and teamwork. Yong’s Divulge ability relays highly accurate player positions to his teammates in a wide area, even allowing him to see through walls. His track’n’trace ability reveals rival player footprints, providing valuable information about potentially unsafe locations.


Lucinda is a formidable hero with high damage potential and the ability to manipulate the battlefield and control nearby heroes. With wide-hitting abilities, Lucinda catches most opponents off guard, making them ill-prepared to deal with her crowd-control effects. Her Absolute Gravity skill creates a temporal black hole, manipulating the positioning of targets. Lucinda’s second ability, a thrown grenade that ignites a significant area in flames, synergizes well with her kit, causing damage over time.


Phantom is an elusive and deadly hero known for her versatility and invaluable team contributions. Excelling in stealth gameplay, Phantom’s abilities revolve around outsmarting opponents with trickery and deception. Her Optic Camo ability cloaks her and her teammates temporarily, allowing for strategic ambushes. Additionally, her second ability, Portable Scout, reveals enemy locations in the surrounding area.

About the Farlight 84

Battle Royale 2.0, welcome to the CHAOS. Experience the thrill and excitement of Farlight 84, a groundbreaking battle royale game that redefines traditional gameplay. Unlock a diverse roster of heroes and harness their unique skills to dominate the battlefield. Take command of powerful vehicles, unleashing devastating firepower, or utilize jetpacks for swift and surprising attacks. With no instant death upon entry, showcase your combat skills without constraints. Join the battle now and prove your prowess in intense, burden-free encounters!

  • Flexible Jetpacks. Dodge enemy bullets!
    • Master the jetpack for tactical advantage in battles, turning defeat into victory through strategic positioning!
  • Armed Vehicles. Unlimited transforming firepower!
    • Some vehicles can wade through rivers, while others can transform into formidable turrets or unleash their mighty firepower like a superhero. Join forces with your team, form a powerful convoy, and dominate your opponents with an arsenal of unstoppable vehicles!
  • Diverse Hero Skills. Not just for expert shooters!
    • Unlock four hero roles: Assault, Defense, Scout, and Support, and assemble a diverse combat squad where each member can find their own unique niche!
  • Multiple Revives. Get revenge instantly!
    • Even in the early stages of a battle, you have the chance to be revived, eliminating the risk of instant death upon landing. If a frontal attack fails, your teammates can come to your aid, allowing you to return to the battlefield for revenge.
  • Same account on mobile and PC for free!
    • Experience the best of both platforms with a single account! Enjoy the enhanced gameplay on your PC while savoring the convenience of playing anytime on your mobile device.

Survivors, what are you waiting for? Join us now and embark on an endless journey of fun!

Farlight 84 V14.3.2.6 Update

Dear Survivors, To provide you with better content and a more stable gaming environment, Farlight 84 is scheduled for an update on [June 15, 2023, UTC]. There will be no downtime, and the update will not affect your gaming in any way.

[What’s new]

This update will include the following improvements and fixes:

New Deathmatch Map: Polar Point

Polar Point is a Prism secret research facility with a unique magnetic field. Being the “closest location” to the universe, it was chosen as the launch site for the Ark project. Unfortunately, when Guidance Prism lost control, it was abandoned. It wasn’t until Isle City traced the spread of Si-42 contaminated water that the location was rediscovered and transformed into a new battleground as players searched for abandoned resources.

New Chest Lottery Event: Arctic Frostwave

As the reconnaissance team ventured into the frigid and windswept landscape, they were unprepared for the clue of human activity amidst the icy expanse. The abandoned scientific research center and frozen experimental facilities bear witness to a forgotten story. Curiosity piqued, the investigation team presses on, only to be engulfed by an unprecedented and chilling cold wave.

Lottery Chest includes:

  • UR Hero Skin – Ducksyde Bionicist
  • SSR Weapon Skin – Defender Aquafrost
  • SSR Trail – Arctic Sonnet
  • SSR Avatar Frame – Arctic Retreat
  • SSR Emotes – Icy Indifference & Winter Evening
  • And a ton of other SR Items, loads of Diamonds and Gold, just begging to be unlocked!

Lottery Duration: [UTC 2023/06/15 05:00] – [UTC 2023/08/25 17:00].


Added controller friendly settings.


  • Added the “Extreme” frame rate option supporting up to 120FPS based on device’s refresh rate.
  • Added the “Minimal” picture quality option for some low-configuration device models, providing a smoother gaming experience upon selection.
  • Added resolution options for various levels on selected Android models.

Chat Channel

  • Added chat channels divided by language. Chat rooms in the corresponding language will be displayed based on the game language applied, allowing players to communicate in their preferred language.
  • Optimized the interface style of the chat channel.
  • Optimized the interactive performance when sending messages on the chat channel.

Other Adjustments

  • Optimized the dragging experience of Mods in the Inventory.
  • Fixed the bug of the attack detection range of the Bionic Form of the Transformed Flamethrower.
  • Fixed some known bugs.

In conclusion, our Farlight 84 Character Tier List provides valuable insights into the game’s best characters. Whether you prefer elusive Phantoms or versatile Captains, this list helps you choose the perfect character to dominate the battlefield and enhance your gaming experience. Stay ahead of the competition and unleash your true potential with the top-tier heroes in Farlight 84.

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  1. The most logical farlight 84 tier list I’ve ever seen, especially maggie, I can say that the strongest character in meta right now

    1. To be honest, fair. Maggie’s mobility is exceptional in most fights. But you still gotta learn how to strafe with it though. So much mobility and bro can’t even track well enough without it. That’s 90% of the playerbase i’ve seen.

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