MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Season 2 Tier List ranking the strongest characters in the 8th week!

MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Season 2 continues without slowing down. By testing the updates and changes made in the 8th week of the second season, we have compiled our My Hero Ultra Rumble Tier List. The newly introduced Endeavor character is currently excluded from the list. Rest assured that we will add him to the list after observing his development and achievements. You can find the strongest characters and the reasons behind their ranking in our list for the 8th week of Season 2.



You can find the explanation of the MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE Season 2 tier table we created above in this section.

S Tier

Katsuki Bakugo

Bakugo dishes out consistent damage, boasts high mobility, and easily maneuvers in and out of fights with his flying ability. His edge over Todo lies in not just higher damage output but also the strategic use of grenades for pushing downed opponents, disrupting resurrections, and securing tokens of KO’d teammates.

Tsuyu Asui

Well, Froppy is one of the best ambushers in the game currently speaking, she is able to hide herself from an untrained eye, and has amazing quick burst damage with a very unfair escape option, and dare I say she’s the fastest character in the game in terms of base stats. Asui could really be a problem for Bakugos and they won’t see it coming or won’t be able to react in time to her attacks, she could only be knocked out by a Bakugo if he hits his shots on the fastest thing in the game.

Shoto Todoroki

Although he is a very good character and up to the standards of the sniper meta of this launch season, he falls relatively short when confronting a Bakugo, he out-ranges him of course, and his projectiles aren’t that bad, but the problem starts to reveal itself when you want to chase a Bakugo, or have any evasive skills at all to not let Bakugo’s DPS kill you before you do, he has a shield with a very long cooldown to prevent that from happening, but also restricts your movement making you open to take damage from a Bakugo Grenade, and his Gamma skill which is the ice slide isn’t that great of an evasive and actually gives away your position relatively fast.

Of course, Todoroki still has a chance to kill a Bakugo if you have the right skills to do so! Placing good walls and chasing the Bakugo with your Ice slide successfully, but it is still a hard fight for most Todoroki players.

Shoto boasts great burst damage, surpassing Bakugo, but faces challenges with his wall being penetrable by certain characters. Limited to ground movement, he struggles against opponents with flight or spiderman-like capabilities.

Izuku Midoriya

Deku might be one of the strongest character in this list and the only who could very well make a Bakugo have a bad time dealing with him.

The only few things that Bakugo is weak to, is quite literally everything that Deku is capable of, he out ranges all of Bakugo attacks and hits like an Elephant, and if Bakugo tries to escape, he can easily follow-up the chase with his Gamma and Beta skills, or in the contrary, he could just run from Bakugo with those skills to always have the long range advantage over the mid-range attacks of Bakugo.

An assault powerhouse, Deku swoops in, wreaks havoc, and slips away unnoticed. His incredible burst damage, solid mobility, and tanking abilities make him a force to be reckoned with. The added bonus of an instant rez with his carry ability further solidifies his effectiveness.

A Tier

Ochaco Uraraka

Ochaco excels as a disruptor with the car swing’s knockback effect. However, her playstyle doesn’t support quick in-and-out combat, and the car swing’s mechanics can leave her vulnerable to counterattacks.

All Might

Playing All Might comes with challenges due to his large size, making him an easy target. However, his alpha delivers substantial damage, and his spin and dash attacks get the job done. The trade-off is the difficulty in hiding or repositioning during fights.

Tenya Lida

Though I have said that Froppy is the fastest character in the game in terms of base stats, Tenya takes the place of the TRULY fastest character, if he activates his Turbo, he becomes one of the scariest enemies in the game if you are situated in a 1v1.

His absurd bursting damage could easily take down a Bakugo, and the only thing that he could do is hit his shots from afar beforehand, because you’d WISH a single hit lands on Tenya after he activates his Turbo.

Himiko Toga

With high damage and the ability to mimic any character, Toga brings versatility to the table. Her technical advantages, including shorter cooldowns and a disruptive dash attack, allow her to control the flow of the fight. Toga shines as one of the best solo queue characters.


Considered the best support, Cementoss can inadvertently disrupt your team. In higher ranks, strategic use is crucial to avoid hindering your team’s progress.

Mr. Compress

Known as the meme machine, Mr. Compress deals significant damage with his ALPHA but is often countered by opponents playing around his reverse mirror. Despite his quirky teleportation, his impact is somewhat limited, making him more of a fun character than a top-tier choice.

Eijiro Kirishima

A favorite for many, Kirishima lacks the range and mobility needed in the current ranged-focused meta. While he excels up close, his vulnerability to kiting makes him a challenging pick in ranked play.

Denki Kaminari

Denki’s stun potential is great, but his low HP leaves him vulnerable. Missing the big stun can expose him to attacks, and his limited mobility makes him defenseless against third-party engagements.

B Tier

Itsuka Kendo

Kendo’s trolling tendencies, particularly with her pick-up ability, can harm teammates. The shield is her standout quirk, but overall, her utility is limited.

Tomura Shigaraki

Shig can be intimidating in the right hands but struggles against opponents with higher ground advantage. His damage output is substantial, but his frailty as a damage character hinders his effectiveness.

Mt. Lady

A formidable tank, Mount Lady becomes a target when she grows huge. Despite reduced damage during this state, opponents often capitalize on her vulnerability once she shrinks. In the early game, her impact is limited.

Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo’s shield-spamming playstyle often falls short due to her low range and the lengthy time it takes for her Quirk ability to charge. While her bombarding can zone out opponents, other supports may offer more efficient utility.

C Tier

Shoto Aizawa

Shoto boasts great burst damage, surpassing Bakugo, but faces challenges with his wall being penetrable by certain characters. Limited to ground movement, he struggles against opponents with flight or spiderman-like capabilities.


We don’t have much experience with Endeavor and Yapabildeki yet. That’s why Endeavor is not ranked. We will fully test its power in the coming days and add it to our list.

Explain of Tiers

Here you can see exactly which tier is rated for what.

  • S Tier: These characters are the cream of the crop. They’re incredibly strong and useful in just about any situation.
  • A Tier: These characters are also very strong and useful, but they may have a few weaknesses or be more situational than S Tier characters.
  • B Tier: These characters are decent, but they may not be as strong or useful as S or A Tier characters.
  • C Tier: These characters are the weakest in the game and are generally not recommended for use in battle.

Nerfs, Buffs and Tier List Changes

Asui: Nerf

First up, the hot topic—Asui. Opinions are divided on whether Asui has been nerfed into oblivion. Some argue that with Sue’s Alpha at level four, she remains a force to be reckoned with in the endgame. The increased cooldown on her Alpha, paired with mobility tweaks, has sparked a lively debate. Where do you stand on Asui ranking? Let us know in the comments!

Toga’s Unnecessary Buff

Talking about buffs, Toga’s beta skill received what some call an unnecessary boost. Running around with knives was already potent, and the recent buff has elevated Toga’s damage output to insane levels. Is she now above Compress?

Speed Meta and the AA Conundrum

The speed meta is in full swing, with AA gaining popularity. As the meta evolves, Ochaco may claim the top spot for speed characters, pending a fix to her kit in Season 2. Meanwhile, All Might’s versatility and projectile deflection keep him in the upper echelons, even above AA. What’s your take on the speed meta and the AA phenomenon?

Cementoss vs. Compress: The Mobility Debate

Cementoss and Compress are under the spotlight. Cementos rises due to his damage skills, mobility, and the game-changing revive. Compress, on the other hand, faces challenges as players wise up to his tactics. How do you weigh damage versus escape ability in your tier list?

Mt Lady

Mt. Lady , once a giant among heroes, faces a new challenge—being the prime target in endgame scenarios. Isawa’s ability to halt her giant form’s actions adds to the struggle. What’s your strategy when playing as Mount Lady in the current meta?

Ibra, Kendo, and Isawa: The Bottom Tiers

Closing out the tier list, we revisit Ibra, Kendo, and Isawa. Ibra’s unique capture skill faces limitations in certain map areas. Kendo, a team-oriented character, struggles in the damage-centric ranked environment. And then there’s Isawa, sparking controversy with his recent gamma skill buff. Do you agree with their placements, or would you reshuffle the bottom tiers?

Looking Ahead to Season 2

As we wrap up this pre-Endeavor tier list, the anticipation for Season 2 grows. What changes will Endeavor bring to the meta? Share your predictions and stay tuned for the next tier list update featuring the fiery hero!

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