Bomb Rush Cyberfunk How to be Baller

Become an ultimate baller in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk! Our expert guide reveals top strategies and tricks to help you dominate the game.

Hello from our Bomb Rush Cyberfunk How to be Baller guide. Are you wondering how to achieve the success of a ballerina in the Bomb Rush Cyberpunk adventure and how to become a ballerina? If the answer is yes, check out our guide and find out the details!

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk How to be Baller

Welcome to our Bomb Rush Cyberfunk How to be Baller guide. This guide will show you tips for completing the Baller achievement in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk!


The only moves you should have to use are going to be the cartwheel (LMB / Y / Triangle) and sweep (RMB / B / Circle).

  • The cartwheel launches the ball further horizontally, and is good for when the ball is stuck outside of the court.
  • The sweep launches it vertically, and will be the easiest way to take shots.


The ball does not lose momentum easily when rolling on the ground, so pushing it in the direction of the space you want it to be and then having it roll into you at the right moment is a good way of keeping it in place. You will have to keep walking into it and make microadjustments as it can be easily pushed in the wrong direction by the player model.

Have the ball placed in roughly the orange area shown in the picture below. Anywhere in the red area also works.

Details about on How to be Baller in Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

The sweeping kick moves the player forwards a bit, so create some distance before hitting. The force applied to the ball seems to be finicky so it can still often miss.


The game’s detection for if you made a goal or not is inconsistent. It seems to be determined by either if you had hit the backboard or not, or if you had hit the back of the hoop itself. Either way, sometimes it just won’t work and will probably take multiple tries.


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