I Was a Teenage Exocolonist No More Dreams Guide

No more dreams! Our expert guide for 'I Was a Teenage Exocolonist' helps you thrive on your exoplanet adventure. Unearth the secrets of achievements.

Hello from our I Was a Teenage Exocolonist No More Dreams Guide. You need to finish the game at least once before attempting this achievement because it requires you to talk about memories from your past lives. At any given opportunity, you have to mention your dreams. Doing so has to result in obtaining the -1 Delusions card, either immediately or by the end of the conversation. You need five in total.

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I Was a Teenage Exocolonist No More Dreams Guide

Welcome to our I Was a Teenage Exocolonist No More Dreams Guide. The purpose of this guide is to describe how to obtain the No More Dreams achievement.

Steps Towards the Achievement

  1. Your first opportunity comes very early, while talking to your parents. It occurs automatically.
    → age 10, early Quiet season: “This has all happened before!!” followed by “I swear to you this is real!!”
    → As a result, you will be treated against your will. It matters not how you respond to that.
  2. Exactly a year later, on your birthday, you will get another opportunity. It also occurs automatically.
    →”I saw the Glow attack coming!” followed by any of the three options.
  3. After sneaking out and meeting Sym, simply return to the colony where your parents will ask you about your day. This conversation happens upon clicking on Sol’s dad—there will be a speech bubble hovering above him: “Well… just one alien, named Sym…” followed by either the first or second option.
    → To sneak out, your toughness or bravery need to be at least 20.
    → To meet Sym, you need to obtain A Mysterious Stranger III which is best obtained by having Sym save you after failing life-threatening challenges while exploring. You can get these cards without failing any challenge but it will definitely take far longer.
    → Some time after telling your parents about Sym, you will be brought to Instance yet again to ‘medicate’ yourself. It matters not whether you take the antipsychotics or not.
  4. While exploring the ridge, tell Utopia about Sym. This option might become available during year 16, i.e. the next year after accessing this location. Utopia can be found somewhere around the ridge.
    → You can access Wresting Ridges after the crash of Helios (year 15). Talk to Utopia in any of the outside location and succeed at the 30 perception challenge.
  5. The fifth card can be obtained while relaxing in the lounge. An event will occur which delves into your prophetic dreams, troubles with sleeping and having problems with telling dreams from reality. Talk to one of your friends about it in order to gain the last Delusions card. I did this during year 18.

Undergoing the Experimental Treatment

After getting the fifth card, a couple of months may pass before you will be seized and ‘cured’ either voluntarily or involuntarily. This will award you the achievement.

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