Geometry Dash 34th Vault Codes

Unlock the secrets of Geometry Dash's 34th Vault with our expertly curated codes. Dive into this thrilling gaming adventure now!

Hello from our Geometry Dash 34th Vault Codes guide. 34th in the Impossible Square Dash Jump Geometry Challenge. how can I unlock the safe? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you are in the right place because this guide will show you the details of the 34th vault code!

This is the guide bruh fish fan LOL it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Geometry Dash 34th Vault Codes

Welcome to our Geometry Dash 34th Vault Codes guide. This guide will show you detailed information about 34th vault code in Geometry Dash!

  • First, Crash in every level 1000 times, Once you reach Attempt 1001, you’ll be good.
  • Second, Get 50 user coins, 1000 diamonds, and 40 Secret coins.
  • Third, Go to the Level Select and after that go to after the level Fingerdash, After, you’ll see a green,red gradient coloured lock sending you to “a 34th vault”.


  • IbrokTheCod3 – Unlocks a spider that is default spider but turned 180 degrees.
  • GimmeTheLevel – Unlocks the levels Cant Let Goverything 2 and others.
  • your mom – Unlocks a special Skydash Trail
  • bruh fish – Unlocks a special Warper Portal
  • Gfjffewrfunwefqiwefnwefjnqwefwecnweduoq – Unlocks #REKT Death Effect
  • Uptade100.0 – Unlocks #REKT Death Sound
  • Pan – Unlocks a Mystery UFO
  • Curiousities – Unlocks a color for #336699
  • SDWHPT – Unlocks a special Trail
  • Jif – Unlocks a Special Icon


  • Dont Ask
  • I released in Uptade 100.0
  • Become a Cyan Furred Dragon
  • Only 5 Attempts left!
  • Only 4 Attempts left!
  • Only 3 Attempts left!
  • Only 2 Attempts left!
  • Only 1 Attempts left!
  • Just Kidding, Unlimited Attempts
  • What?
  • Time for a riddle
  • 19 4 023 8 16 20
  • when 2.2 actually released the entire GD community is fish in bags saying Now what?
  • hfgiusdgyuesruhukiyguiyergfuhjsygrfuiujvhfgiuijvjhruddfjvhkjygtuhnhctfhvdrkgj
  • We Want You Outta Here
  • Go Collect Diamonds
  • Go Collect Stars
  • DidduDeurre
  • You Think You Can Fool Me
  • ehehehehehehehehehehe………..
  • It’s a secret…
  • It cannot be done.
  • That wont work.
  • The lock wont budge.
  • Why you click?
  • Nothing happened.
  • You are not ready.
Written by bruh fish fan LOL

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