BONELAB How to Make Money

Welcome to our BONELAB How to Make Money guide. Boneworks is one of my favourite games […]

Welcome to our BONELAB How to Make Money guide. Boneworks is one of my favourite games of all time. Bonelab has fantastic minigames but the campaign is insanely disappointing. An intricate guide detailing how to take advantage of your former success to make a lot of money.

BONELAB How to Make Money

This guide will explain just one of the many ways how to make money on BONELAB.This is a very specific instructional guide that applies specifically to the development, publishing and marketing of Virtual Reality game titles.

The Guide Step 1

Our first step in this guide is arguably the hardest. You have to start and build up a virtual reality game development team and produce a number of well regarded titles. It won’t always be easy and it may take you a while to get to the next step – you will know you have reached it when you have produced a game that is popular, open ended and offers endless replayability. Some details that may help may be any of the following; excellent gunplay, intricate environments, great bonus minigames and of course an interesting and engaging campaign.

Step 2

You may think the next step here is to continue to update that game to add to its replayability but you’re actually very wrong. It’s okay to add to the game a little bit to continue to grow your audience and gain attention – the more eyes on the game and on your studio the better. But don’t update it too much because you should be saving all of the best ideas for later. You should take advantage of the success of this game and attract the attention of a well known VR service and platform with a seemingly infinite revenue stream. They will inevitably offer you a lot of money for you to develop your next game to be playable using their VR hardware. They may also use their infinite money to market your next game as their next killer app on every single social media platform on the planet so that every single mentally deficient 14 year old begs their parents to buy them a VR headset to play your new game! Now when you make your next game – you won’t only be making a lot of money from the people who were already interested in your former game – but a whole new audience as well.

Step 3

This one’s important; you may think that a new game will take a lot of time and originality but we have a very good shortcut – take almost everything from your previous game and port it over to this new game while charging twice the price – you will have already been planning on adding some new minigames to your previous game so instead package them all together and throw them into this new game. Make sure to cobble together a boring story with half the depth of your last game and hide it behind the actually good mini games so people forget how bad it is. Remember those intricate detailed environments from the last game where you were rewarded with cool weapons, interesting areas and cool encounters? Forget all that. Make sure all of the new environments are empty and some literally have no enemies or things to do except walk from point A to point B. It would also be a good idea to add entire new areas off of the path that do not even have any collectables or anything to explore. Don’t even bother finishing or adding detail or textures to your maps because the whole thing is a simulation anyways. We can always hide it with more fog.

Step 4

You’re probably thinking someone might call you out on the fact that this new game is nowhere near as good as the last one. But don’t worry! This new game will not only attract an entirely fresh playerbase who have nothing to compare it to – but will also reinvigorate the players of your last game so that they ignore the faults and come flying to your defence upon any criticism! If any of this fails – we can throw in mod support and character swapping and pretend it’s revolutionary and not something that modders had already added into the last game. If you’re worried you might get called out on that one too – make sure to half assedly force the character swapping mechanic into the campaign and at the same time use it to plug some of your new minigames! And don’t worry if some of the characters don’t have any benefits at all and actually make you weaker – you can just give them tits or a funny cat face!

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