Terraria Shimmer Item Transmutations 1.4.4

We have prepared in detail how to do shimmer item transmutations in terraria 1.4.4 update.

Terraria Shimmer Item Transmutations 1.4.4

A list of all the items affected by throwing them into Shimmer.


Shimmer is the new fluid added in the Terraria 1.4.4 Labour of Love update. It can be found rarely in newly generated worlds, or by using the Bottomless Shimmer Bucket.

Each world will have only one pool of Shimmer generate, this is a mini-biome called the Aether, it will be in the Cavern layer near the edge of the world on the same side as the jungle.

Shimmer Item Transmutations


To transmute an item, it must be dropped into the liquid and fully submerged, then after a few moments will transmute and float back up to the surface. They will then hover there, emitting a slight pink glow until you collect them.

This will only work with certain items, but there are many that do work.

Firstly, it will transform crafted items back into their components, essentially uncrafting them. This can be helpful if you’ve made too many of something and wish to turn it back into its base materials.

Then there is also a list of special transformations, which will be included in full below. These allow you to get some of the newly added items, like the Rod of Harmony and the Terraformer, but it also allows some items to be turned into others. For example, it will turn a Tackle Box into High Test Fishing Line, then High Test Fishing Line will be turned into an Angler Earring, and then an Angler Earring will turn back into a Tackle Box. There are many examples of this and it is very helpful for getting the accessories you’re missing.

Shimmer Item Transmutations

Shimmer can also transmute critters into Faelings, and some enemies into a shimmer version of themself. As well as that, it will turn any submerged NPCs into an alternate version of themselves. This is just a graphical change, but still quite cool nonetheless. The below image showing the NPC conversions comes courtesy of u/Gasstein on Reddit.

Shimmer Item Transmutations

Special item transformations

Here is a list of all the special item transformations:

Pearlsandstone BlockPearlsand Block
Hellstone CrateObsidian Crate
Hardened Sand WallTreacherous Hardened Sand Wall
Granite BlockMarble Block
Pearlwood CrateWooden Crate
Mythril CrateIron Crate
Jungle Grass SeedsMushroom Grass Seeds
Titanium CrateGolden Crate
Krypton MossHelium Moss
Defiled CrateCorrupt Crate
Hematic CrateCrimson Crate
Stockade CrateDungeon Crate
Azure CrateSky Crate
Herb BagCan Of Worms
Divine CrateHallowed Crate
Ancient Hallowed HelmetHallowed Helmet
Orichalcum OreMythril Ore
Ancient Hallowed HoodHallowed Hood
Ancient Hallowed Plate MailHallowed Plate Mail
Ancient Hallowed GreavesHallowed Greaves
Titanium OreAdamantite Ore
Pink Brick WallCursed Pink Brick Wall
Rich MahoganyWood
Boreal CrateFrozen Crate
Mirage CrateOasis Crate
Jungle HatAncient Cobalt Helmet
Pink PearlGalaxy Pearl
Hallowed HeadgearAncient Hallowed Headgear
Zombie ArmWhoopie Cushion
Star CloakChromatic Cloak
Hallowed MaskAncient Hallowed Mask
Lucky CoinGold Ring
Star FruitAmbrosia
Iron HelmetAncient Iron Helmet
Peddler’s HatPeddler’s Satchel
Amber SquirrelAmber
Hellfire ArrowShimmer Arrow
Gold BrickAncient Gold Brick
Hallowed GreavesAncient Hallowed Greaves
Ancient Necro HelmetNecro Helmet
Honey BlockHive
AmethystStone Block
Stone BlockDirt Block
Fisherman’s Pocket GuideSextant
Blood OrangeAmbrosia
Pharaoh’s MaskSandstorm in a Bottle
Ancient Iron HelmetIron Helmet
Jungle ShirtAncient Cobalt Breastplate
Mining PantsMining Shirt
Sorcerer EmblemSummoner Emblem
Pink BrickAncient Pink Brick
Vile PowderPurification Powder
Used Gas TrapGas Trap
Ash WoodWood
Bewitching TableAlchemy Table
Gold HelmetAncient Gold Helmet
Alchemy TableBewitching Table
Spell TomeAdvanced Combat Techniques: Volume Two
Mining ShirtMining Pants
Boreal WoodWood
Desert KeyDesert Chest
Blue Slab WallCursed Blue Slab Wall
Warrior EmblemRanger Emblem
TorchAether Torch
Blue BrickAncient Blue Brick
Blue Tiled WallCursed Blue Tiled Wall
Gold WormGummy Worm
Mana CrystalArcane Crystal
Life FruitAegis Fruit
Pink Slab WallCursed Pink Slab Wall
Copper OreStone Block
Life CrystalVital Crystal
Pink Tiled WallCursed Pink Tiled Wall
Hellstone BrickAncient Hellstone Brick
Silver OreLead Ore
Jungle PantsAncient Cobalt Leggings
Green Slab WallCursed Green Slab Wall
Angler EarringTackle Box
Ancient Gold HelmetGold Helmet
Tackle BoxHigh Test Fishing Line
Green Tiled WallCursed Green Tiled Wall
Vicious PowderPurification Powder
Palm WoodWood
Pocket MirrorBlindfold
BezoarAdhesive Bandage
Cobalt OrePlatinum Ore
Sandstone BlockSand Block
High Test Fishing LineAngler Earring
Hardened Sand BlockSand Block
Discount CardLucky Coin
Sandstone WallTreacherous Sandstone Wall
Magma StoneLava Charm
Hardened Ebonsand BlockEbonsand Block
Seaside CrateOcean Crate
Hardened Crimsand BlockCrimsand Block
Blue Brick WallCursed Blue Brick Wall
Ebonsandstone BlockEbonsand Block
Necro HelmetAncient Necro Helmet
Crimsandstone BlockCrimsand Block
Ice BlockSnow Block
Blue FlareShimmer Flare
Mythril OrePalladium Ore
Lava MossHelium Moss
Spider WallInfested Spider Wall
Dynasty WoodWood
Whoopie CushionGas Trap
BlindfoldPocket Mirror
Adhesive BandageBezoar
Armor PolishVitamins
WoodDirt Block
Summoner EmblemWarrior Emblem
Ranger EmblemSorcerer Emblem
Spicy PepperAmbrosia
Fast ClockTrifold Map
CampfireAether Campfire
SextantWeather Radio
Adamantite OreOrichalcum Ore
Balloon PufferfishShiny Red Balloon
Shadow GreavesAncient Shadow Greaves
Gold RingDiscount Card
Pharaoh’s RobeFlying Carpet
Ancient Cobalt BreastplateJungle Shirt
Tin OreCopper Ore
Wooden ArrowShimmer Arrow
Angel StatueAether Monolith
Weather RadioFisherman’s Pocket Guide
Silver BrickAncient Silver Brick

Special item transformations (continued)

Xenon MossHelium Moss
Lead OreIron Ore
Argon MossHelium Moss
Obsidian BrickAncient Obsidian Brick
Cobalt BrickAncient Cobalt Brick
VitaminsArmor Polish
Tungsten OreSilver Ore
Dragon FruitAmbrosia
Trifold MapFast Clock
Ancient Shadow ScalemailShadow Scalemail
Mythril BrickAncient Mythril Brick
Hallowed HelmetAncient Hallowed Helmet
Ancient Hallowed MaskHallowed Mask
Ancient Hallowed HeadgearHallowed Headgear
Ancient Shadow GreavesShadow Greaves
Shadow ScalemailAncient Shadow Scalemail
Shadow HelmetAncient Shadow Helmet
Green BrickAncient Green Brick
Copper BrickAncient Copper Brick
Platinum OreGold Ore
Flameburst CaneBallista Cane
Ballista RodExplosive Trap Rod
Ballista CaneExplosive Trap Cane
Crispy Honey BlockHive
Ancient Shadow HelmetShadow Helmet
Living Wood WandFinch Staff
Enchanted SundialEnchanted Moondial
Jungle KeyJungle Chest
Bramble CrateJungle Crate
Ancient Cobalt HelmetJungle Hat
Corruption KeyCorruption Chest
Honey BucketWater Bucket
Ballista StaffExplosive Trap Staff
Topaz SquirrelTopaz
Crimson KeyCrimson Chest
Emerald SquirrelEmerald
Ruby SquirrelRuby
Diamond SquirrelDiamond
Hallowed KeyHallowed Chest
Amethyst BunnyAmethyst
Lightning Aura CaneFlameburst Cane
Sapphire BunnySapphire
Frozen KeyIce Chest
Ruby BunnyRuby
Explosive Trap RodLightning Aura Rod
Spooky WoodWood
Explosive Trap CaneLightning Aura Cane
Green Brick WallCursed Green Brick Wall
Explosive Trap StaffLightning Aura Staff
Amethyst SquirrelAmethyst
Ancient Cobalt LeggingsJungle Pants
FlareShimmer Flare
Sapphire SquirrelSapphire
Mushroom Grass SeedsJungle Grass Seeds
Lightning Aura StaffFlameburst Staff
Can Of WormsHerb Bag
Topaz BunnyTopaz
Emerald BunnyEmerald
Flameburst StaffBallista Staff
Diamond BunnyDiamond
Gold OreTungsten Ore
Water BucketLava Bucket
Lightning Aura RodFlameburst Rod
LuminiteChlorophyte Ore
Flameburst RodBallista Rod
Lava BucketHoney Bucket
Amber BunnyAmber
Lihzahrd Brick WallForbidden Lihzahrd Brick Wall
Palladium OreCobalt Ore
Hallowed Plate MailAncient Hallowed Plate Mail
Marble BlockGranite Block
Neon MossHelium Moss
Hallowed HoodAncient Hallowed Hood
Chlorophyte OreTitanium Ore
Hardened Pearlsand BlockPearlsand Block
Iron OreTin Ore
Rod of DiscordRod of HarmonyRequires Moon Lord to be defeated
ClentaminatorTerraformerRequires Moon Lord to be defeated
Bottomless Water BucketBottomless Shimmer BucketRequires Moon Lord to be defeated
Bottomless Shimmer BucketBottomless Water BucketRequires Moon Lord to be defeated
Copper CoinItem is consumed, Provides 1 Coin Luck
Silver CoinItem is consumed, Provides 100 Coin Luck
Gold CoinItem is consumed, Provides 10,000 Coin Luck
Platinum CoinItem is consumed, completely fills Coin Luck.
Luminite BrickHeavenforge BrickAny time during a Full Moon
Luminite BrickLunar Rust BrickAny time during a Waning Gibbous
Luminite BrickAstra BrickAny time during a Third Quarter
Luminite BrickDark Celestial BrickAny time during a Waning Crescent
Luminite BrickMercury BrickAny time during a New Moon
Luminite BrickStar Royale BrickAny time during a Waxing Crescent
Luminite BrickCryocore BrickAny time during a First Quarter
Luminite BrickCosmic Ember BrickAny time during a Waxing Gibbous

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