BONELAB Mods How to Install

Welcome to our BONELAB Mods How to Install guide. This guide will show you How to Upload Mods to BoneLab.

BONELAB Mods How to Install

This guide will show you How to Upload Mods to BoneLab.

BONELAB Mods Video Guide

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The first thing you need to do is get to the section of the game where you can shift avatar states. This happens after you finish all the minigames, operate the crane and get into the quarantine zone.


Next you’ll want to find your way over to this little section here. You can, of course, just jump straight into the mod loader screen from the menu. You’ll be able to customise your loadover, find any mod you have ready to open (here’s hoping you injected it properly, or be prepared for a swift crash back to the VR desktop). Or simply to have a have at what the devs have made on Day-1.


Here is your boot screen. Activate any pre-loaded modded levels from here.


Downloading the SDK

To make your own mods, you’ll need the Official open source SDK provided by Stress-Level-Zero.

We doubt anyone will need to tell you, especially once you open the link, that you will need some experience in Unity before you can do anything.


Sentenced to death, you embody an outcast escaping fate. Discover a pathway to a hidden underground research facility. A series of challenging experiments and discoveries await. A road to the truth calls from the void.

Physics to the core

  • Boneworks’ realistic physics systems fully improved and polished. Interact with the game world with consistent confidence.

Visceral VR combat

  • Using a variety of ranged, melee, and exotic physics weapons, engage enemy encounters with an entire armory at your disposal.

Be anyone you want

  • Custom avatar importing enables you to play through the game looking however you want, with physical stats to match.

Layered Narrative

  • After discovering an underground lab in MythOS city, you will have access to a variety of game locations including arenas, obstacle courses, tactical trials, sandboxes, experimental modes, and user generated levels. Collecting items, avatars, and clues from these locations enable you to progress through the mysterious story.

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