Book of Hours Hush House Guide

Hello from our Book of Hours Hush House Guide. Book of Hours is a game best experienced with all of its mysteries and puzzles. This guide will show you detailed information Hush House in game!

Hello from our Book of Hours Hush House Guide. Book of Hours is a game best experienced with all of its mysteries and puzzles. This guide will show you detailed information Hush House in game!

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Book of Hours Hush House Guide

Welcome to our Book of Hours Hush House Guide. A comprehensive guide to everything a would-be Librarian of the Hush House would like to learn.

General Concepts

The first things a librarian of the hush house must master is the librarian themselves.


  • are the main things that most of everything possesses. Rose, Heart, Scale, Forge are all exemples. These are the powers of objects, persons, and various things in the world. You need these principles to achieve objectives, such as reading books with a Mystery related to the principle, crafting things with skills, or opening rooms requiring a certain principle

Elements of the Soul…

  • are your various “stats”. They have a strong principle and a weak principle, starting at 2 and 1 respectively. Heart, Ereb, Phost or Mettle are all exemples of Elements of the Soul. You can obtain new elements of the soul by putting Skills within the Tree of Wisdom, and you can evolve elements of the soul to stronger versions by using your skills at specific workbenches with two matching elements of the soul.

Memories and Lessons…

  • are “buffs” you can gain and use temporarily. Most memories give 1 or 2 of a couple of principles, and last until dawn. You can use memories in near everything, between reading books, buffing assistants, crafting, and more. Memories are generally obtained from reading books, and every book gives a specific memory, meaning you can re-read a book to reliably obtain a specific memory. You can only have one of a memory type, but you can have multiple memories that buff the same principle.

Lessons are special memories that don’t disappear at dawn, only at Nume, which is a rare single-day season that takes away lessons. Lessons allow you to learn Skills, or upgrade them. They can also be used and consumed as regular memories, but this is never a good move, as lessons are very scarce.


  • are your main way of increasing your principles and varying what you can do. You learn skills from Lessons, which you obtain by reading books, including your starting journal. You can level up skills using Lessons and Memories that match the skill’s principles, higher levels needing more memories. Only a single lesson is necessary to level up a skill, and it doesn’t need to be the exact same skill; so long as their principles match. As an example, Sky Stories is a SKY/ROSE skill, and Preliminal Meter is a KNOCK/ROSE skill. You can use a Lesson: Sky Stories to level up your Preliminal Meter skill, because they are both Rose.


To help you open various areas, you will need Assistants. These come in the form of the villagers of Brancrug, or traveling characters ready to lend you a hand. They can be hired for currency, however you start with a friend in town that will always be willing to help for free. The free assistant depends on your choices at the beginning, but is generally inconsequential later in the game as currency becomes more available, and challenges too hard for your friend.

Assistants can be “buffed” by many ways, and you can stack them. You may give them one of your Elements of the Soul’s Principles and exhaust it, you may give them a beverage, you may feed them sustenance, you may share a memory with them (including Weather) and you may give them a tool. All of those can be done one after the other, so you can obtain very strong assistants by combining all of them.

Do be careful, you cannot buff your assistants during dusk. Better prepare everything before then!

NamePrinciple 1Principle 2Principle 3Special AttributeCost
Denzil the BlacksmithEDGE 2FORGE 2Can use Metals if talked to with them.Use Edge, Forge or Heart on Smithy. Costs a Shilling.
Mrs KilleGRAIL 2HEART 1Can use Fabric and Fibre if talked to with them.Use Heart on Kille House. Costs a Shilling.
Mr KilleWINTER 2SKY 1Can use Wood if talked to with ir.Use Winter on Kille House. Costs a Shilling.
Reverend TimothyLANTERN 2KNOCK 1Can use Candles if talked to with them.Use Knock or Lantern on Rectory. Costs a Shilling.
MinerSCALE 2FORGE 1MOON 1Use only currency in Sweet Bones in Spring. Costs a Shilling.
BarberMOTH 2ROSE 1Use only currency in Sweet Bones in Summer. Costs a Shilling.
Orchard-keeperNECTAR 2HEART 1Use only currency in Sweet Bones in Autumn. Costs a Shilling.
FishermanMOON 2SKY 1Use only currency in Sweet Bones in Winter. Costs a Shilling.
Traveling MusicianSKY 4ROSE 4NECTAR 4Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.
FugitiveSCALE 4EDGE 4HEART 4Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.
Surrealist PainterGRAIL 4MOTH 4ROSE 4Can use Pigments if talked to with them.Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.
Consulting EngineerFORGE 4SKY 4LANTERN 4Can use Fuel if talked to with it.Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.
PoetWINTER 4MOTH 4SKY 4Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.
Unusual NunKNOCK 4MOON 4GRAIL 4Use Soul and Currency in Sweet Bones. Costs a Florin. Random.
Book of Hours Hush House Guide

Elements of the Soul

Elements of the Soul are assigned at the beginning of the game, and you obtain more by placing skills within the Tree of Wisdom. You can also increase your Elements of the Soul to higher versions, in which case every principle gets a +1. The exception is Health’s Scale, which remains at 1.

NamePrinciple 1Principle 2Principle 3
Book of Hours Hush House Guide


Books are the main challenge of Book of Hours, and there is a vast amount of them. They all have a Mystery to them, and to solve the Mystery, you need to match or exceed the Mystery’s principle with your own, using skills, elements of the soul and memories. Books all give memories, and you can obtain these memories at wish by re-reading the book; it will always give the same memory. They also provide, only once, Lesson memories.

The list of books is great, and currently not on this steam guide. An incomplete, WIP list of all books is present on the Google Sheets document seen at the end of this guide.


The Hush House, periodically, will be visited by various characters. These are usually experts within the lores and will be seeking books of varying principle and mystery. Most visitors will come to you about a specific affair, which is given to you and found in your Sundries upon getting visitors.

You will need to talk to your visitors and provide them a book matching their principle and mystery that they seek. Said book can be given to multiple different visitors, but cannot be given twice to the same visitor. If you do not own the proper book for the visitor, you may give them lodgings to extend their visit, and the lodgings can be provided over and over again, so long as you don’t forget to tend to them by lodging them again at the end of their stay.

Visitors have two interest, of varying principle level, and they know specific languages. Most of the languages the librarian also knows, but some visitors will know languages the librarian does not, and you can ask them to tutor you, for a price in Spintria.

Succesfully giving a good book to a visitor awards the librarian with Spintria, the currency of the occult. This can be traded in for the average british currency, or used to learn languages or other uses, like buying books from Auriflamme’s, an event that happens every now and then.

The list of all known visitors is currently incomplete and available on the google sheets document.


The librarian begins with knowledge of many languages, but there are many more that the librarian does not master. Visitors can bring mastery of some languages, and this can be necessary to read books in languages that you cannot read by default.

Visitors can be paid in Spintria to learn a language they know. However (this is unconfirmed hearsay), learnt languages (can? will?) disappear after Nume.

An incomplete list of languages and their tutors is available on the sheets document


Memories are temporary buffs you can use once, and can only possess one of each type at a time. They are generally obtained by reading books, but can be obtained by crafting, interacting with objects, and various other methods.

You can use memories while talking to assistants, reading books, crafting, gathering and much more.

A near complete list of all memories (and their sources, albeit less complete on that side) is available in the google sheets document.


Skills are permanent methods for the librarian to become better at solving books, gathering and crafting. Skills are obtained from Lessons found within books, and can be levelled up using Lessons alongside memories. Note that only one lesson is necessary to level up skills, and it only needs to have matching principles, not necessarily to be the same skill.

Skills can also be assigned a slot within the Tree of Wisdom, giving Elements of the soul and attuning the skill to said element of the soul. The librarian can then fuse two matching elements of the soul at a workbench that is attuned to the wisdom the skill is in. As an example, if you attune your skill to Hushery, you’ll need to find a workbench that is attuned to Hushery.

Skills can also be used for crafting within workbenches. Every skill has their own result when creating things, and can create up to 6 things; level 5, 10 and 15 of both of their principles. The results of crafting can be memories, inks, beverages, sustenance, tools, things and more.

An incomplete list of all skills, their principles, sources of lessons, what they craft, possible wisdoms and other aspects is available in the sheets document.

Weather and Seasons

Seasons come and go, and every day has a new weather provided to you. There are 5 seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Nume. Nume is a single-day season that happens at times, changing vastly every building and removing your unused Lesson memories. Nume does provide strong weather, however.

Weathers are given once per day, and act as a normal memory for most uses. It can be used once, and you get a random, season-dependant weather every morning a bit after dawn.

An incomplete list of weathers and their season is available in the google sheets document.


The Hush House contains many workbenches, allowing the librarian to perform various actions, usually crafting, but many other things are possible.

Each workbench allows only specific principles within it; somewhere between 2 and 4 principles are allowed, and only things bearing that principle can be slotted within the workbench.

Workbenches come in different types; some are instruments, some are desks, and they come in various forms. Different workbenches can contain different things, like inks, remains, or such, and create different results based on this.

Workbenches can also be attuned to a specific wisdom from the Tree of Wisdom, allowing you to use attuned skills on these workbenches to fuse them into stronger skills. However, note that the workbench must be attuned to your wisdom, but also be able to slot your skill and element of the soul. This can make it very difficult to find a proper workbench to evolve your elements of the soul.

A semi-complete list of workbenches, their assigned principles, locations and attunements is available on the google sheets document.

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