Book of Hours Walkthrough and Guide

Hello from our Book of Hours Walkthrough and Guide. Check out the details for some basic information that we found useful for playing this game!

Hello from our Book of Hours Walkthrough and Guide. Check out the details for some basic information that we found useful for playing this game!

This guide is a Steam guide created by EnglishRobin. You can find the author’s link under the guide!

Book of Hours Walkthrough and Guide

Welcome to our Book of Hours Walkthrough and Guide. This guide will show you detailed information about walkthrough and starting tips for game!

Getting Started

Getting a place to stay

  1. Collect from Consider
  2. Consider Book + Storm
  3. Consider Book + First Element
  4. Consider Book + Second Element
  5. Collect from Talk
  6. Talk First Element
  7. Talk Fisherman’s Assistance + An Old Friend’s Address
  8. Unlock Brancrug Villlage with Fisherman’s Assistance
  9. Visit Contact An Old Friend’s Address + Health [Half-Drowned]
  10. Visit Contact Appropriate Element with Journal as the topic
  11. Consider Journal + Second Element
  12. Post Office Journal
  13. Sweet Bones Ten Shilling Note
  14. Sweet Bones Shilling
  15. Unlock Bridge with Miner
  16. Unlock the gatehouse (the Blacksmith, Midwife, or Rector can do this)
  17. Move in (use Heart)

Finding a Routine


  • Based on the aspect you use at the Sweet Bones, you can earn money. Using Heart, Forge, or Lantern will earn you 6 pence, and using Moth will earn you 2 pence.


  • Resting at the Sweet Bones takes 60s, 2 pence, and will restore 1 aspect.
  • Resting in your bed takes 90s, a beverage of some kind, and will restore 1 aspect.


  • Once you’ve catalogued a book, you can study it. You can use Memories (including the weather), Skills, and your Soul aspects to buff your research. In addition, if you’re short on the required number, you will get three random opportunities to add additional things to increase the aspects.
  • Some mechanics details: these opportunities are randomised only after all effects have been taken. So if you have already taken 3 risky study actions, all of which gave you 3 Element of the Soul opportunities, the chances below are shifted. For example, the chance of getting another Element of the Soul opportunity is now (25-9)/(66-9) => 16/57, or about 28% vs the base 38%.
Element of the Soul25/66 (38%)
Memory9/66 (14%)
Comfort5/66 (8%)
Thing5/66 (8%)
Wall Art5/66 (8%)
Weather5/66 (8%)
Awen*3/66 (5%)
Duende*3/66 (5%)
Epiphany*3/66 (5%)
Ubi Sunt*3/66 (5%)
Book of Hours Walkthrough

* These are special effects, each simply raises the relevant aspect by 1

Elements of the Soul

Here are all the Elements of the Soul, what their aspects are, and what aspect is needed to cure a malady. Malady cures always require 5 of the aspect for the Element.

Parts of the Human Soul


  • Heart (2)
  • Grail

Malady Cure: Moth (5)


  • Grail (2)
  • Edge

Malady Cure: Forge (5)


  • Rose (2)
  • Moth

Malady Cure: Grail (5)


  • Heart
  • Nectar
  • Scale

Malady Cure: Heart (5)


  • Forge (2)
  • Edge


  • Lantern (2)
  • Sky

Malady Cure: Nectar (5)


  • Knock (2)
  • Forge

Malady Cure: Winter (5)


  • Moth (2)
  • Moon

Malady Cure: Sky (5)


  • Winter (2)
  • Lantern

Malady Cure: Lantern (5)


All of the various sources of assistance you can get

Barber (Sweet Bones – Summer)

  • Moth (2)
  • Rose

Blacksmith (Denzil)

  • Forge (2)
  • Edge (2)

Coffinmaker (Mr. Kille)

  • Winter (2)
  • Sky

Fisherman (Sweetbones – Winter)

  • Moon (2)
  • Sky

Midwife (Mrs. Kille)

  • Grail (2)
  • Heart

Miner (Sweet Bones – Spring)

  • Scale (2)
  • Forge
  • Moon

Orchard-Keeper (Sweet Bones – Autumn)

  • Nectar (2)
  • Heart

Rector (Reverend Timothy)

  • Lantern (2)
  • Knock

Unlock Requirements

The Rectory
An Introduction +

  • Knock
  • Lantern
  • Sky

The Smithy
An Introduction +

  • Edge
  • Forge
  • Heart

Mrs & Mr Kille
An Introduction +

  • Grail
  • Heart
  • Lantern
  • Moon
  • Sky
  • Winter

Sweet Bones

  • Assistance
  • Pence (12)
  • Mettle
  • Chor
  • Shapt

Post Office

  • Readable
  • Journal

Mist-Soaked Bridge (Cucurbit Bridge)
Assistance +

  • Forge
  • Lantern
  • Sky

Tidal Flats

  • Winter (2)
  • Moon (2)


  • Forge (2)
  • Heart
  • Knock

The Great Gate of the House
Use the key in Gatehouse
Essential: Thing + Knock (3)

Detailed Starting Information

The Journal

Depending on what you choose for your initial aspects, your journal picks up different traits.

ElementJournal Aspect
Additionally, your second choice affects what mystery your journal starts with.
Book of Hours Walkthrough
ElementJournal Mystery
Book of Hours Walkthrough

Depending on what you use when considering your dried journal, you get one of the following starts. Each start grants you an additional Element of the Soul.

First ElementSecont ElementJournalBonus Element
ChorErebThe ArtistEreb
ChorMettleThe ExecutionerHealth
ChorPhostThe ProdigalPhost
ChorWistThe SymurgistChor
FetErebThe ArtistEreb
FetMettleThe RevolutionaryMettle
FetPhostThe CartographerFet
FetWistThe MagnateWist
ShaptErebThe ArtistEreb
ShaptMettleThe ArchaeologistShapt
ShaptPhostThe Twice-BornPhost
ShaptWistThe ArchaeologistShapt
Book of Hours Walkthrough
Written by EnglishRobin

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