Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition – Fix Mouse Smoothing and Aiming

Fix Mouse Smoothing and Aiming

Fix Mouse Smoothing

Go to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Borderlands Game of the Year\WillowGame\Config
Open WillowInput.ini.
Change bEnableMouseSmoothing=true to bEnableMouseSmoothing=false

Fix Mouse Aiming

Go to the configuration files location (mentioned above).
Open WillowInput.ini.
Change LookUpScale=-250 to LookUpScale=-300
Open WillowEngine.ini.
Change OneFrameThreadLag=true to OneFrameThreadLag=false


Feel free to adjust the mouse sensitivity as needed. This can be done with the in-game slider or by changing MouseSensitivity=100.0 (WillowInput.ini) to your desired value

Setting OneFrameThreadLag to False may cause a drop in performance.

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