Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission – Race Guide

Race Guide

At the start of SDBH, you get to choose a race and your characters name. This Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Race Guide explains the basics of the different races you are able to select, as each provides different strengths and bonuses to use in future battles.

So you’ve come to the race selection screen and have a simple question, what’s the best race to choose in Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission? In short, there is no straight answer. The races are well balanced and designed to offer different benefits depending on your personal play style.

Race Guide

Adept at combining attacks with different allies

Very good at healing. Can merge with Piccolo.

Frieza Race
Very strong offensively, one of the fastest stat growths of all races

Saiyan (Female)
A slow burn, weak at the start but can grow very strong later

Highest maximum HP of all races. Can debuff enemies

Supreme Kai
Exceptional stat growth, can freeze time and neutralize enemy attacks

Dark Demon God
Abilities to drain enemy HP, a difficult class to play but very powerful if you can master it

Saiyan (Male)
A strong starting class for beginners. Balanced in both offensive and defensive abilities


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