Borderlands GOTY – All Weapon Items

All Weapon Items

The saves has more than 220+ items including weapons, shields, class mods, grenades and more. Also there is 600+ items in the bank if you need it. The saves also include Max Skills, Max proficiency, Max money, and the Bank and Backpack is set to 1000.

How to install:

Step 1:
Open “File Explorer”

Step 2:
Navigate to C:\Users\Name\Documents\My Games\Borderlands Game of the Year\Binaries\SaveData

(Wherever your saves are kept then Borderlands Game of the Year\Binaries\SaveData)

Step 3:
Drag in the “Save0069.sav” into the “SaveData’ folder

Step 4:
Now you can start up Borderlands GOTY Enhanced. In the main menu, click “Start Game” then “Select Character”. You should see the save “George’s Guns”.



Level 1:

Level 1[]

Level 5:

Level 5[]

Level 10:

Level 10[]

Level 20:

Level 20[]

Level 30:

Level 30[]

Level 40:

Level 40[]

Level 50:

Level 50[]

Level 60:

Level 60[]

Level 69:

Level 69[]

All Saves:

All Saves[]

Virus/Malware Scans:




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4 thoughts on “Borderlands GOTY – All Weapon Items

  1. Ron Reply

    He forgot to link the downloads properly they are not linked to any real download item

  2. Ron Reply

    Awesome thank you the links work perfect now.
    I tried to put in the VIP codes on the borderlands 3 shift site but there is no option to add the VIP codes anywhere do you know how this works ?
    It supposed to add extra’s in 2 and sequel but i can not enter them.
    Going to check the files xD

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