Borderlands GOTY – All Weapon Items

All Weapon Items

The saves has more than 220+ items including weapons, shields, class mods, grenades and more. Also there is 600+ items in the bank if you need it. The saves also include Max Skills, Max proficiency, Max money, and the Bank and Backpack is set to 1000.

How to install:

Step 1:
Open “File Explorer”

Step 2:
Navigate to C:\Users\Name\Documents\My Games\Borderlands Game of the Year\Binaries\SaveData

(Wherever your saves are kept then Borderlands Game of the Year\Binaries\SaveData)

Step 3:
Drag in the “Save0069.sav” into the “SaveData’ folder

Step 4:
Now you can start up Borderlands GOTY Enhanced. In the main menu, click “Start Game” then “Select Character”. You should see the save “George’s Guns”.


Level 1:
Level 1[]

Level 5:
Level 5[]

Level 10:
Level 10[]

Level 20:
Level 20[]

Level 30:
Level 30[]

Level 40:
Level 40[]

Level 50:
Level 50[]

Level 60:
Level 60[]

Level 69:
Level 69[]

All Saves:
All Saves[]

Virus/Malware Scans:




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