Team Fortress 2 – Jailbreak Guide

Prison Stereotypes The Freshman To sum it up, the person is playing for the first in […]

Prison Stereotypes

The Freshman

To sum it up, the person is playing for the first in the wondorous world of jailbreak. He does not know the rules which will lead to him being killed over and over and again until he leaves. Some of them come back to try and understand the gamemode, but unfortunately for most, this will be the only time the Freshman will play jailbreak.

The Warden’s Pest

The warden’s pest is your average, slightly obnoxious, and annoying brat. This prisoner will do everything to annoy the warden. Spamming the repeat button, delaying the warden’s orders and often times blatantly talks over warden. These creatures are often aggresive to their surroundings. Though do not engage in a argument with these folks. With their sick comebacks (you’re mom gey) they can obliterate any man in their path. Instead, teach these guys how to play the gamemode and they will eventually evolve into a chill person.

The Rebeller

This guy doesn’t care if he wins or not. This guy’s job is exterminating BLU’s. He will always escape at the start of the round, only after coming back the next 2 minutes with ammo, waiting for the right time to strike. Rebellers are respectable for their skill to kill BLU’s. They are sneaky and are often pretty good at the game. Rebellers are admired as well as disliked. They often ruin the chances for RED’s to win lr by killing all BLU’s.

The Last-Request God

This chad has played jailbreak for a long time. He’s out for one thing: Receiving last request. They are most likely to succeed in this. They know every map and how to play every minigame on it. Hell, they probably know everyone in the server as well by now. Good luck trying to get lr when this guy is in the server.

The Memers

These are the persons who will probably equip the ullabool caber, screaming and charging at the warden once the cell door opens. He plays for  giggles. He doesn’t care about winning. He lives for the funny moments. Ranging from suiciding while he’s winning to flatout just trying to kill his teammates via minigame mechanics. These guys often have a good reputation on the server. Good one ya memers.

The Admired

These are the guys that feel the need to help other players to play jailbreak. They are very nice and interact with the community. They are often looked up too and have many friends on the server. The problem with this guy is that he suffers from succes. They don’t want to disappoint anyone which is hard at times. This also stimulates that he will often get favouritized which can be pretty annoying for other players.

Warden Guard Stereotypes

The New Guard

Same story as the freshman. This guy has never played the gamemode before. This probalby leads to him breaking the rules. You can identify these players easily since they are most of the time new to the game, as well as having no microphone. Most of these players get kicked/banned the first time they’re playing. This is quite sad, since almost all communities have a bible of rules which makes it hard for beginners to play.

The Military Sergeant

This warden is one of the least fun to play against. He’s very aware of the rules and sometimes even abuse them. These players are recognized by their lack of sympathy to prisoners. Make one minor mistake and you’re dead. He’s also pretty hard to rebel against since he is that strict. He checks on every prisoner from time to time, just to make sure they listen to every every word he says. Minus respect for these guys.

The Favouritizer

The Favouritizer is also not the most fun to play against. They often have friends on the opposing team and will give them the advantage: They turn a blind eye on those prisoners. Luckily favouritizing normally isn’t as bad as I’ve written. Usually they kill normal prisoners as well as their friends once they rebel. But sometimes these guys are a pain for prisoners (turning a blind eye on friends) and also other guards (ghosting/not defending the warden).

The Funmann

This is the defintion of a good warden. He knows what he’s doing and is often to the prisoner’s liking. The funmann asks what prisoners want to do rather than choosing himself. He also listens to and interact with prisoners. Another good thing is that he doesn’t kill prisoners immediately for small mistakes they make. They are pretty chill and can make rational decissions in dire situations.

The Roamer

The Roamer is the evolution of the new guard. He is that one sneaky guard who always manages to get in BLU without a microphone. Fortunately they know the rules well enough not to freekill. However they kinda do whatever they want. Roaming around the map is a good example. Luckily they often stay with the warden, just without a microphone. When the warden dies, he suicides


Ahh The LAW (Lazy Warden for short). The warden that pretty much doesn’t really care what happens. He’s not strict, though not fun either. He’s the kind of warden that does hunger games in medic. Or they at least choose a game where there can be only one victor. Usually these wardens are force picked by the system/admin and want to finish the round quickly.

Bonus Stereotypes

The Specator

Yeah what can I say really. This person just stays in spectator all the time. Why? No idea. They’re usually pretty chill though. They often start a conversation in the server even though it’s jailbreak. Got nothing else to say to be honest.

The Report Bot

The Report Bot is the guy that always report people in the server. Many times this is a good thing. They get freekillers, racists, spammer etc. banned via recordings. Cause of these people the servers stay clean. However, sometimes The Report Bot reports a player that is well-liked in the community. Because of this a civil war may be created in the server, which is bad and will ultimately lead to players leaving and friendships being broken.

The Bestmin

Most of these players get kicked/banned the first time they’re playing. This is quite sad, since almost all communities have a bible of rules which makes it hard for beginners to play.

This admin knows that this is occuring. Which is why he believes in second chances. Because of this guy a lot of people will come back on the server after playing for the first time. This admin is admired by its community, and rightfully so. He interacts with the community and can make rational decissions. With this admin, the server will be in good shape.

The Badmin

The Badmin is the admin who does what he wants. He doesn’t really care for the community and is pretty power hungry. The Badmin will ban players from time to time, but often without a warning. Most admin reports and ban appeals are created because of this guy. The Badmin used to be really chill, but the second he applied he changed…

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