Brawlhalla – How to Beat Players?

How to Beat Especific Types Players?

Episode 1 – Noobs


Well,if you’re dying from a noob,i don’t have so many words to express how much you are ing bad,but if it’s a quick-attack spamming and after this,try his luck to kill you with a Nsig,you have been excused.
This guys are pretty easy to kill them,just try to make quick-attacks or just go sig-spamming to them,because well,the “fire with fire” line it’s not just there for looking at and walk over.
And whatever you run,they will hunt you down,but if you are smart enough,you can rekt him out,but if you could’nt,just try to kill someone else.

1V1 Streakout

If you know what kind of changing legends is,you are saved,and like i said,you can sig-spam him because well,he is a noob and don’t have good playstyle.


This will be and quick,but really,you have to just kill him,like it’s a 1V1 Stock match,it’s easy to kill bad players.

Episode 2 – Sig-Spammers

  • Free-For-All

This guys haunted me from this free gamemode,and it still being such a thing,this guys will be any free legend like Queen Nai or Orion and start spamming sigs,just try to rekt him faster than you can,because they have a habit to ragequit after getting killed by someone.

  • Ranked

How so many guys pretend to go in this thing? Maybe up their level to diamond? Maybe other things like friends? I don’t mind them,because i get a friend only by playing a soccer mode in a Brazilian server. This sigspammers on Ranked are pretty ing annoying,specially the one that knows what is taunt,because they will taunt after a win,so make quick-attacks because they will make charge sigs thinking something is gonna be diferrent.

  • Ranked 2V2

Why you have friends? This guys pick Ada and starts spamming Ssigs,so start pushing his teammate to himself,by killing his teammate and being more easy to kill them.

  • 1V1 Streakout

He will pick Ada,Orion and sometimes Sentinel,so if you pick Cross (from some weird reason),just use Dsig from the gauntlets because they don’t think what kind of black soul it’s coming from the ground.

Episode 3 – The Agressive Anger/The Rude Guy/The “No Sword for You” Guy

  • Free-For-All

Play toxic as you can,like making what they pretend to do with you,like picking the swords he was to get,or just rekt him while he’s trying to taunt,make what you want.

  • Ranked

You will don’t see them too much,but if you have,just make the same thing as the Free-For-All one,they usually are gold rank players that just get by spamming sigs,and btw,they are stupidlly if you get defeated by them,because they will trashtalk you and etc.

  • 1V1 Streakout

They usually play Mordex or other legends,using diferrent stances for diferrent legends,so just rekt him because is easy.

Episode Finale – The Targe-on-Eye

  • Free-For-All

Kill him when they try to kill you,this thing don’t work too much with bad players,but actually,how could bad players targe one person? I think it’s sigspamming os or just using the normal Ssig with the hands,trying to get his sword.

  • Ranked

You’ll not see them,because it’s 1V1,so let’s go to the another one.

  • Ranked 2V2

Probally people trying to figure it out if that technique works of targeting someone to death and after this killing the another one,but praticly is just easy to kill him,if they seek you from your first death and after this run out of you,be that guy,like him too.

  • 1V1 Strikeout

Null because is not 2v2 or all but only 1v1.

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