Breeders of the Nephelym: Alpha – Managing Liquid Assets

Managing Liquid Assets Besides the obvious use of sex, Breeders of the Nephelym gives players an […]

Managing Liquid Assets

Besides the obvious use of sex, Breeders of the Nephelym gives players an alternative option to using bodily fluids (milk/c-men) in order to capture creatures in this game (and before you laugh too hard remember this: hunters in the real world have been known to use musk and urine to attract elk and deer during hunting season – so there is real world basis being used BotN). The reasons for using the alternative attraction method could vary, the biggest of which being the creature you’re trying to capture is the same gender as your breeder, or you are actively looking for the most desirable traits in your breeding stock (rather than wasting all day shagging everything you run into). Either way, this guide should help by showing you which race and gender respond to certain fluids.

Fluid Harvesting

Now, as I am sure you have already deduced, you cannot extract fluids from Wild Nephelym. The only way to extract the fluids you need will be to capture wild Nephelym first. Where you start hunting is entirely up to you (I start in Lustwood based solely based on its proximity to the ranch). However, before you catch anything, you’ll need the proper structure to house them in which will be easy to acquire since you start the game with 1700 Orgasium ; which is enough to visit Cassie up in Hedon Township and have her build you some habitats to keep your Nephelym in after you catch them (I won’t go into that – that isn’t what this guide is for).

As you come up the steps into Hedon Township, you’ll spot a niche in the wall on your right. This where you’ll find a goblin named Camille, a c-men trader Falene mentioned (assuming you talked to her before you left your ranch). You and Camille are going to be seeing a lot of each other over the course of this game. Further into Hedon Township, you’ll see Amber Mae a Bovuar milk trader who you will also be seeing a lot of in this game. Should you wish to capture Nephelym whom you have a habitat for, but lack the proper fluids to capture, these two girls will be more than happy to sell you what you need to get the job done.

Once you have begun capturing Nephelym, you will need to harvest their fluids. You can extract the fluids on your own (provided your breeder and the Nephelym you are harvesting from have enough lust to do so). Now, obviously, male breeders are unable to extract c-men from either male or futa Nephelym, fortunately you have a farmhand alraune named Fern who will be more than happy to do that for you (and she’ll also give you 150 ogasium if you let her harvest some of your fluids). Female nepehelym can be milked by either you or Fern and, just like with c-men harvesting, you can watch the animations or skip them.

Male Nephelym

The purely male creatures that you will encounter during your hunting exclusively prefer milk. With that said, here is the rundown of male Nepehlym fluid preferences. Breeders will require a minimum of 15ml of milk per capture attempt to catch a wild male Nephelym.


  • Vulwargs, Wulf: Foxen Milk
  • Foxen, Vulpis: Bovuar Milk

Virgin Breaks

  • Dragons, Drakes: Titan Milk

Moaning Crag

  • Demon, Incubi: Seraphim Milk

Sensual Sands, Upper Plateau

  • Starfallen, Seeders: Starfallen Milk

Pleasure Pastures

  • Bovuars, Bulls: Demon Milk

Female/Futa Nephelym

Female and Futa characters you encounter during your hunts may not necessarily prefer male fluids (some are captured with milk). The following is a rundown of what female and futa Nephelym prefer. Where c-men is needed, you will require a minimum of 5ml per each attempt to capture whereas milk remains at 15ml per attempt to capture.


  • Vulwargs: Titan C-men
  • Foxen: Vulwarg C-men

Esoteric Glade, Upper

  • Sylvan, Orcs: Demon C-men

Esoteric Glade, Lower (Including the cave to the left of the path and the pond)

  • Seraphim: Demon C-men
  • Sylvans, Elves: Demon C-men
  • Sylvans, Goblins: Titan C-men (Goblins are found in the cave to the left of the path)
  • Syvans, Slimes: Hybrid C-men (Slimes can been found in the pond at the back of the lower glade)

Moaning Crag

  • Demon, Succubus: Harpy C-men
  • Demon, Cambion: Seraphim C-men

Virgin Breaks

  • Dragons: Harpy C-men


  • Thriae: Foxen C-men

Sensual Sands, Lower Plateau

  • Harpy, Kestrel: Foxen C-men

Sensual Sands, Upper Plateau

  • Starfallen, all variants: Starfallen Milk

Amourous Hallows (accessible via the goblin cave in the Esoteric Glade)

  • Harpy, Bat: Demon milk

Pleasure Pastures

  • Bovuars: Demon Milk

Cove of Rapture

  • Formurian: Dragon C-men

Climax Peak

  • Colossus: Bovuar Milk

Sultry Plateau

  • Nekos: Bovuar Milk


To have the most fun playing this game, there are two habits I recommend that all breeders make it a point to follow.

1) Make it a point to carry a minimum of 60ml of each milk and 30ml of each c-men. This way, you’ll always be able to catch any Nephelym you may encounter. Nothing is worse than finding your “golden one” only to have to let them go because you can’t catch them.

2) Learn where your “E” key is and make it your new best friend. Whenever you’ve got a potential capture (a blue arrow will appear over their heads), press E when the word “Interact” pops up on your screen. This way you can see if the target has traits you want without worrying about another Nephelym jumping your bones and the one you were trying to check out getting away from you.

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