Captain of Industry Soil Test

Welcome to our Captain of Industry Soil Test guide. See how far various soil types spread when dumped.

Captain of Industry Soil Test

We wanted to know how much various soil types would spread when thrown into a pile. Test all available lands in your game.

Test Results

Without wait, here are the test results from a height of 5:

Test Results
Test Results


Captain of Industry Soil Test
Captain of Industry Soil Test
Captain of Industry Soil Test 3
Soil Test
Soil Test
Soil Test
Soil Test


We could use this knowledge to create a “wall” of rock or slag before dumping waste in the ocean.

we also noticed that when digging the results are very similar. It’s harder to test this because when digging you can’t guarantee to get a single type of soil. For example, when digging into Coal/Iron/Copper we usually get some dirt/rock/gravel, and there could be a top level of dirt as well. So results may vary.

However, if the soil is mostly Coal/Iron/Copper or even Rock, we may not bother with retaining wall as using them (especially staggered every 5 levels) will result in taking much more space.

About Captain of Industry Game

Captain of Industry is a colony and factory simulation game. Your journey will start with a small crew of survivors on an abandoned island. If you do things right, you’ll work your way up towards a self-sufficient colony and will play an important part in the region’s industry. But first, in order to survive, you will need to mine raw materials, grow food, build factories, manufacture products, construct vehicles, research new technologies, explore your surroundings, and trade with other islands. If you are successful, you can even start a space program and build rockets! But that’s a long and hard way to go…

Manufacture products

Start simple – smelt iron, mix concrete, create construction parts, and grow food. Soon you will be able to expand into crude oil processing, electronics, solar panels, data centers, and even rockets. There are over 150 unique products to explore and work with!
Build vehicles and transport products
Fully automated logistics system ensures that products will always go where they are most needed. Your job is to configure the logistics, build enough trucks to keep things moving, and connect closeby machines with conveyor belts or pipelines for optimized resources transportation.

Build efficient factories

To build a thriving empire you need to be clever. Place machines carefully to connect them more efficiently with conveyor belts or pipes, refine raw resources close to their mining location to save fuel needed for transportation, or upgrade production chains with more efficient machines to save raw resources.

Mine raw resources on fully dynamic terrain

Find the natural riches of your land and use them to expand your empire. Mine coal, iron, copper, gold, or pump underground oil and water! Make open-pit mines to extract valuable ores from underground, or just dump excess rocks into the ocean to create a new land to build on! Remember that no mountain is tall enough for your fleet of excavators!

Farm your land

You need to feed your people by growing potatoes on farms. But this won’t be enough. Later, you will be able to grow different crops to make more kinds of food and products. You can also produce fertilizers and use greenhouses to keep up with the food demands.

Research new technologies

Research is a must have! Unlock new buildings and materials and make your factory more efficient. New technologies will change the course of your future.
Explore the world, trade with allies, fight pirates
Repair and upgrade your ship with better engines, armor, and weapons. Explore your surroundings, find refugees, allied settlements to trade with, discover more resources, and be ready for naval battles with pesky pirates!

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