Cassette Beasts How to be Untouchable

Become untouchable in Cassette Beasts with our expert tips. Master your creatures, outwit your foes, and dominate the battlefields!

Hello from our Cassette Beasts How to be Untouchable guide. This guide will show you a Beast and Moveset combination that results in being basically incapable of being hit, outside of a few niche circumstances or bad luck.

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Cassette Beasts How to be Untouchable

Welcome to our Cassette Beasts How to be Untouchable guide. How to be untouchable in Cassette Beasts? This guide will show you!

Inspiration and Ingredients

How To Be (Almost) Untouchable

For those who have fought Captain Heather – you are probably at least partially familiar with this strategy. The rest of what I’ve come up with makes it significantly worse.

This strategy, when executed correctly, will lock your opponent in a never-ending spiral of ineffectual flailing, while you slowly whittle them down to nothing.

For those who aren’t, allow me to introduce to you the foundational pieces of this build:

How To Be (Almost) Untouchable

Have one tape setup with a beast that can use this move. Recommendations: Cryoshear / Zeustrike, as they both have the fastest base speed (200) of any creature able to learn this move.
Zeustrike is better, as they have more Ranged Attack damage – Cryoshear’s massive Melee Attack stat will be wasted here.

How To Be (Almost) Untouchable

A second tape with a beast that can learn Close Encounter (it’s a short list)
Recommended: Triphinx / Flapwoods
While Flapwoods is faster than Triphinx, they can’t learn Echolocation (very handy to apply this effect to both opponents at the same time) but they can learn Broadcast, which is a second-rate Echolocation that doesn’t automatically activate on arrival.

How To Be (Almost) Untouchable

Add this to your first or second tape, if you stack a bunch of Roll Again stickers in your spare slots, you may get the opportunity to trigger this from either beast.


Below is the team I’ve setup.

Zeustrike could be further optimized for this build specifically, but I have Crossfade to transfer to Khepri if needed to bypass the disadvantage against Air types.

How To Be (Almost) Untouchable
How To Be (Almost) Untouchable


Notice that both tapes have Echolocation. While this is less necessary on Zeustrike as Avalanche will hit all targets regardless, it helps the damage output on free rolls of Spit.

The Custom Starter on Zeustrike is quite likely to activate the first instance of Avalanche, I put this here to protect against Pre-Emptive Strike monsters/users. If it fails, wear the hit and use Avalanche on your first turn. Otherwise feel free to Spit.

Avalanche will need to be reapplied every round. Roll Again will assist in keeping this up, as it can be re-applied at the end of a turn. If Avalanche is used by Roll Again, use either spit or Echolocation to keep up Multi-Target.

Next, depending on the opponent; it may be more pertinent to use Taunt or Close Encounter first. Taunt will keep an opponent from breaking out of the trap or applying debuffs to your team. Close Encounter will stop your opponent from being able to hit you with ANY attack as long as Avalanche is active.

Once your opponents are continuously Snowed In, Berserked, and Close Encountered, they will be helpless as your Roll Again procs slowly erode their health with Spits.

This strategy is pure evil, but it is also tedious as hell. Have fun!

Written by Lyкiяe

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